Why Spiderman is the best Marvel superhero?

If you are a Marvel fan, you probably know some of the best characters in the Marvel Comic Universe, from Batman and Hulk to Magneto and Ironman. However, Spider-Man is widely considered to be one of the most successful comic characters. He is a superhero who acts like a regular, cool guy. You may love him for his character and his exceptional abilities, but why is Spider-Man really the best superhero in the Marvel Universe?

He has amazing abilities

Many people love Spider-Man because of his extraordinary powers. He uses them in order to help people, even though he has to overcome a number of problems in his own personal life. Your favorite hero has the strength to swing and jump from one place to another quickly. He is athletic and strong, and he is definitely a credible threat to his enemies. Spider-Man’s web slinging powers are super cool, and he loves to swing around New York City to protect people in need.

He faces financial and personal problems

The double life of Peter Parker can be extremely difficult at times. Even though he struggles to find balance between his fighting duties and the demands of his usual life, Spider-Man often loses control of his personal life. He usually finds himself estranged from his love interests, like Mary Jane. Moreover, in his normal life, he faces many financial problems as well. For example, he has problems paying his rent. At the same time, he struggles to continue his physics studies. He’s constantly missing personal commitments because he’s trying to save other people.

Spider-Man is the best partner

Spider-Man is a great partner for other superheroes. In fact, since he was created, he has partnered with many superheroes in the MCU, such as the Avengers, most of the X-Men, the Human Torch and more. In addition, he also teams up with other non-Marvel heroes. As a mentor, he does a great job. For example, even as a part of the Avengers, he is a cool guy who provides relief in crime situations. He also mentors some great characters that are inexperienced, like Miles Morales.

He is a responsible guy

Spider-Man loves being a responsible guy, and he always tries for the best. He wants to do
good with the powers he has without asking for anything in return. For instance, he always does what he has to do in order to save people from bad situations. There are times that he loses his way, but he always tries to do the right thing no matter what.

He is smart

Spider-Man is extremely intelligent, even though he isn’t as strong as some other heroes, like Thor. He is fast, but actually he is no Quicksilver. Instead, he is considered to be one of the smartest heroes – in fact, he has an IQ of 250. As a clever guy, he thinks quickly and finds the weaknesses of his foes and exploits them within seconds.

Spider-Man is relatable, like your best friend. That’s why we all love him so much. He is a cool and nice guy, who is trying to have a normal life, but he is also an amazing superhero.

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