Marvel Comics’ most unique super villains

If you love Marvel characters, you probably know that they come along with some of the most incredible classic villains, with cool designs, outrageous costumes and amazing powers. However, among the list of many popular characters, some of them are just plain weird. Check out the following list of the weirdest super villains in the Marvel Comic Universe.

Master Pandemonium

Master Pandemonium is a Marvel fictional super villain, who is given the ability to command the demons inside him. But making deals with the devil is not usually the best idea. Martin Preston used to be a great actor, but he lost his arm in a car accident. In order to get it back, he made a deal with Mephisto. But Mephisto replaced his arm with a number of demonic grafts, in order to make his entire body home of several demons. Soon, things took a very wrong turn for him.

Marvel Comics’ most unusual super villains


Bushwacker is a disgusting Marvel villain. Carl Burbank is a mercenary with guns, and he is the enemy of Wolverine. He used to be a priest but he abandoned his vows to work as a freelance agent for the CIA. He has a cybernetic arm and he can transform his arms into any type of gun he wishes.

Doctor Bong

Even though his name suggests that he is a doctor, he is not actually a medical doctor. In fact, he is a mental patient with no super powers, but he knows a lot about genetics and he has managed to transform animals into humanoid beings in order to serve his evil will. He has a bell-shaped head and a ball-shaped hand and he can produce various sonic vibrations. Moreover, he has the power to be transported by just triggering a teleportation device. He also has some other great powers as a super villain.

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Turner D. Century

Turner D. Century tries to wipe out many people in the San Francisco area, so the he can build a new society. He is a Marvel super villain with dark hair and a peculiar moustache. He wears bright summer clothes, like a striped jacket and white trousers. He tries to use various ultrasonic waves in order to kill all the people who are more than 65 years old. He also has a flying bicycle and a flamethrower umbrella that make him look like evil.


Lockjaw’s biggest strength is his jaws, which are made out of steel. Lockjaw was introduced for the first time in 1965 as part of the Fantastic Four series. The origins of Lockjaw were never made clear and this is probably why fans don’t quite understand whether Lockjaw is a mutated dog with certain abilities, like teleportation, or a bulldog with extra powers.

Marvel Comics’ most unusual super villains


Doctor Octopus may be one of the most famous multi-armed villains, but he’s a pale imitation of the real deal. Spiral’s real name is Rita Wayword. She was a stunt woman when he appeared on Earth for the first time. Rita was actually attacked by her evil, future self. She has six arms and one of them was a robotic one. Spiral has various mystical abilities. In fact, when she is first introduced, she is a powerful woman who is able to defeat her enemies quite easily.

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