The ‘Man with a Plan’ cast on the show vs. real life

Man With a Plan focuses on the Burns family The family live in a house in Pittsburgh where they have to deal with the struggles of the father returning to work.

This sitcom has a lineup that includes some of the biggest names in Hollywood, as well as some up and coming faces making their way onto the scene. With so many years of acting between them, just what do these stars get up to when they aren’t filming Man With a Plan?

[post_page_title]Matt LeBlanc playing Adam Burns[/post_page_title]

Here we have the one and only: the man with a plan. Although, it may not always look as though this character has everything figured out. Adam is the father figure of the show who is left in charge of raising his three children after his wife, Andi, returns to work.

However, it isn’t all smooth sailings for this father as Adam also runs a business, Burns Brothers Construction, with his brother, Don. Adam is about to find out that family life may not be as easy to map out as a construction site.

[post_page_title]Matt LeBlanc in reality[/post_page_title]

LeBlanc first hit TV screens as Vinnie in the sitcom Married… With Children. However, it was in 1994 that this actor hit the big time after being cast as Joey Tribbiani in the hit sitcom Friends. Once the show finished, a canceled spin-off starring Matt saw the actor take a six-year hiatus from acting.

Now, Matt is back and bigger than ever! As well as MWAP, Matt was working on the comedy show Episodes, written by Friends co-creator David Crane, until 2017 when the show ended. Matt is also currently hosting the UK car show Top Gear.

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