How to make your smartphone last longer

If you have ever spent almost a fortune on a smartphone, you probably would do anything to make sure that it lasted you long if not eternity. Smartphones have become expensive investments especially for those who like to keep up with the latest trends in this industry. It is only important if they stand to serve the owners for the longest time possible, because frankly speaking, nobody would want to be in a position of buying a new phone every other time as a result of accidental damage or pure negligence.

How to make your smartphone last longer

There are several ways you could make your phone last longer and save you a lot of money that you could have ended up spending on repairs and replacements. Besides saving you money from repairs and replacements, a well-kept or taken care of smartphone could put up an impressive resale value the moment you decide to sell it for an upgrade. Now, these are some of the most important tips on making that smartphone serve its full lifespan until you decide to upgrade it willingly:

Always use a high quality charger. Stick to the manufacturer’s charger that comes with the phone when you buy it. If you lose the charger or should it get damaged, buy a replacement of high quality and not just any cheap versions available in the market. A damaged charging port is one of the key contributions to damaging a smartphone. For that reason, always use top quality charger.

Invest in case protection. While buying a smartphone, don’t leave behind a protective case. They protect the smartphones great deal during accidental falls. A protective screen glass would also play a big role in protecting your smartphone screen.

Avoid giving the children your phone to play with it. As selfish and cruel as it may sound, if you really want what is best for your phone, don’t give it to the children. Despite how innocent their request to play with it may sound, you should not fall for it unless you are okay with making Apple and Android phones companies richer every other time kids mess up your phone.

How to make your smartphone last longer

Mind the temperatures that you expose your phone to. Your phone shouldn’t be exposed to extreme high or low temperatures as this would damage the battery. High temperatures could result to a lithium battery explosion which can be fatal. On the other hand, the LCD screen and the battery may be rendered useless after exposing your phone to extremely cold temperatures.

Don’t overcharge the phone. Avoid the temptation of leaving a phone to charge overnight, unless you have plans to wake up and disconnect it from power once it is fully charged. Overcharging a phone damages the battery thus shortening its lifespan.
Showering with your phone isn’t recommended. No matter how inseparable you are with your smartphone, taking it in the shower is not a good idea. The steam from the shower is enough to cause water damage to the phone once it penetrates through it.

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