Why we love retro gaming so much

Games have become more and more technologically advanced and impressive in recent years. When you take a look back, it’s hard to exaggerate exactly how far computer games have come since people played Pong 40 years ago. However, for all of the innovations within the medium, and for all of the technological progress that has advanced gaming, there is still undeniable value in the games that we played as children. Here are the reasons why we love retro gaming so much.

Games used to be more of a challenge

Nowadays, anyone who keeps up with the latest gaming trends will have heard of the game Dark Souls, and the reputation that it has for being difficult. Players rushed to get ahold of the game and were eager to play a title that proved a challenge, no matter how talented they were. There is little in the way of assistance, and you cannot stop. Moreover, each adversary is harder to defeat than the last. Today, it seems novel, but there was a time when every game was a challenge and you had to put a great deal of effort in if you wanted to succeed.

Why we love retro gaming so much

Retro games have better music

As game the number of gamers increases over the years, we can see the change in the medium from multiple points of view. Today’s games often have fully organized scores or soundtracks like we see in movies. The music might be impressive, but it seems that we have also lost something along the way.

In light of the simplicity of the first games, and without resorting to voice acting to tell a story, the music had to be excellent. Apart from a few frightening audio tracks, fun music was the main auditory stimulation provided by the games. There are, of course, a number of incredible entertainment soundtracks on today’s games, but we will always have a special place in our hearts for the music from retro games.

Games used to work right out of the box

One thing that the games of yesteryear had over today’s games is that retro games worked right out of the box. Today, if you don’t have a quality internet connection in your home, some games are really impossible to play, and many others are severely hampered. This wasn’t a problem with older games, which you could really play whenever you wanted.


Nostalgia may seem like an easy answer to why we love retro games, but it’s an important factor. At the end of the day, thinking about the past with fondness is natural for everyone. The same holds true for gaming. We look back at the games we played when we were younger with affection, and when we see them nowadays, they awaken an excitement for the good old days.

Why we love retro gaming so much

We love retro gaming, and these are just a few of the reasons why we feel such a draw towards the games of the past. Of course, there’s room for both old games and new games in today’s world, and it’s fun to take the time to play both.

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