What will your college freshman really need in the dorm?

Accepting that your kid is growing up is a part of life, but it isn’t easy. When watching a kid go from diapers to graduating high school it’s hard not to smother them with love. But smothering them with love does not mean overstocking their dorm room. So here are some things that your child will actually need for their dorm room.

What will your college freshman really need in the dorm?

A multi-plug

This is a surprisingly overlooked commodity in dorm rooms as there’s very little plug space but so many electronics. Help your soon-to-be college students out by allowing them to charge their laptops for classes and their cellphone to call home. This is also useful for small appliances that they will need like toasters, microwaves, and kettles.

A laundry basket

Instead of your kid becoming the typical college student that only visits home to do laundry, get them a laundry basket so they don’t have to come home with a bin bag full of dirty clothes. It’s a win-win as makes for a more independent kid and when they come home there’s more quality time to be spent with them. They will also need laundry detergent, a stain stick, and softener. Make sure to give them a few laundry crash courses before they leave, though!

A shower caddy

Since the new college student will be walking to and from their dorm room to the shower, a shower caddy is incredibly useful. Ones that are made of mesh are particularly helpful as they dry quicker. The more compartments the better. That way hairbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and so on can all go in one trip to the bathroom. It also encourages good hygiene by keeping everything in one place so there will be no stinky students.

A whiteboard

With the board they can write lists to their roommate about what needs to be done, plan their week, and most importantly, they can write notes. A good college student spends a lot of time studying and as such, the whiteboard is a great way to save paper (which saves money). It also allows for creativity – making studying fun. Getting pens of all colors helps with organization. The whiteboard will make for the ultimate study buddy in a dorm room.

A backpack

Traveling long distances which are required in colleges with huge campuses means that a backpack is absolutely essential. Whether it’s to carry books or a laptop or both, a secure backpack is a college student’s best friend. Not technically dorm room furniture, but definitely a must for college students in dorms. There are even backpacks that come with charging ports for laptops and cellphones, which helps for those who take notes of their electronics.

What will your college freshman really need in the dorm?

A rug

This is a great way to make a college dorm feel a bit more like home, warm up the area, and be a bit more decorative. Whether it’s colorful or plain, a rug is a crucial item to make a room feel more welcoming and it’s more useful than one might think. It offers another space to sit and study when studying on the bed or by the desk becomes too boring. Plus the whiteboard can be propped up against the wall and the student can sit on the comfy rug with their pens, their laptop, and textbooks all around them to make notes.