How to know when to replace your phone

Nowadays, modern-day life revolves around phones. There are not many hours in the day that we don’t pick up our smartphones to use in some way or another. We’ve already been taken over by technology. It’s happened. Does that mean it’s also time to embrace our obsessions with our phones? Are you ready?

Despite using our phone basically 24/7, sometimes we don’t realize when our phone is in dire need of replacing. Something we look at every day could be on its last breath, and we wouldn’t even know.

Here are some signs telling you it’s time to replace.

How to know when to replace your phone

Your screen is slow

One of the first signs that your phone is on its way out is when the screen buffers. If you have a touch screen, then this may mean the response to your touch is far slower than it should be. Or if you don’t have a touch screen, then maybe the phone is buffering when it tries to open something. Don’t waste another minute sitting patiently for something to load.

It doesn’t last all day

The battery life is another key sign that your phone needs to be replaced. Over time, the health of your battery will worsen, meaning the time you can spend on your phone will decrease – no matter how much you may try and save the battery life. If you’re streaming videos all day every day then that might be your problem, but if by lunchtime your phone has already switched off after sending just one text message, then it’s time to replace.

You have shattered glass in your finger

Most smartphones have a touchscreen made of glass – stupid really, isn’t it? So without a screen protector or case to soften its fall, the chances are that you will drop and smash it at one point. So be cautious. Don’t live life with a broken screen. Don’t grow accustomed to it. Don’t be that guy.

It keeps turning itself off

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the frustration of our phone randomly switching itself off despite the battery life still being at a reasonably healthy 10%. Even when you then proceed to turn it back on again, that’s it. It’s done for the day. Well, this usually means your phone is getting old. You know what that means…. replace!

How to know when to replace your phone

Everyone else is living in the year 2050

As easy as it is to say we’re all addicted to our smartphones, there are still a lot of people out there who are more than happy to stick with their… dare we say it… flip phones! Do you still flip your phone? Do you still have a phone that can’t even take photos? Do you have a phone that doesn’t have internet access? If the answer to these questions is yes, then we’re afraid you desperately need to get yourself down to the local phone shop. It’s time to step into the true meaning of the 21st century… it’s a whole new world when you have a smartphone in your pocket…

Whatever phone you have, whether it’s a flip-phone or the newest state-of-the-art tech release, there will inevitably become a day when it’s time to replace it. Look out for the signs. They’re far more apparent than you think.

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