How to become a Mentalist

There are magicians, and then there are mentalists. These are the ones who show off their incredible mental powers to help read people’s minds, predict the future, and just about any other unexplainable thing that almost seems too out of this world to be true. Have you got what it takes to become a mentalist?

Don’t practice on family

The chances are that our family knows us better than anyone else. This is why we can’t use them to practice. If you want to be a mentalist, then you need to find someone who doesn’t already have a bias toward your trick working or someone that knows how your mind works. In fact, Oz Pearlman believes the perfect time to perform one of your tricks for the first time is when you are up on the stage in front of everyone. This way, no one knows what could be coming.

How to become a Mentalist

Failure can help

Believe it or not, but failures in your routines could be less of a hindrance than many first believe. That’s because some people get desensitized if people pull off their performances every time without fail. However, it’s important to read people’s body language if you want to learn clues that could give you an answer. This could be anything from a small smile to an eye twitch. Thankfully, getting part of the routine wrong can lead many people in the audience to believe that you aren’t there to play tricks on them.

Running strengthens the mind

Of course, running can be a great exercise for many reasons. It turns out that it could also be a new way to help make sure that your mentalist routine is up to scratch. Why? Running long-distance races can be a perfect way to strengthen your mons as well as learning how to keep focused on the end goal, even when the rest of your body is telling you to stop. The best bit? All of that time out on a run means there are likely to be fewer distractions and more time to think about your next trick.

Be friendly

One of the many things that mentalists have in common is the fact they are talkative, open, and friendly. Some do this by using self-deprecating jokes, while others prefer to build a relationship on other levels. This can make many mentalists more relatable, and some claim this is the perfect way to help fool a crowd. Why? It can make them more relatable and the illusion that you have just achieved even more impressive as a result.

How to become a Mentalist

Chose a stranger

The longer a mentalist is with their chosen person, the better their illusion usually is. This is because it gives a chance for two strangers to build a relationship with one another. The best way to pick someone for the routine is to keep a watch on the audience to see who seems to be more open-minded than others. Knowing that someone is stubborn or doesn’t believe your illusion could lead to unwanted distractions that throw mentalists off their performance.

Mentalists often take illusions to a whole new level. Just how do they know what we have written or which card we chose? While it can often seem as though their knowledge and skills are out of this world, it turns out there are a few tips and tricks that could soon get us on the way to learn how to become a mentalist.

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