Hilarious times people failed at being smart

Intelligence and common sense are two different things, and unfortunately, it looks like in some of these cases, these people may be lacking a bit of both. We all have mishaps like these happening sometimes. We misunderstand a sign, or we see someone making a post that makes us wonder if they are serious. This list will make you laugh, shake your head, and wonder why people post things like this in the first place.

[post_page_title]The government already has our faces on file[/post_page_title]

We’re assuming that this gentleman wasn’t required to take government in high school. It’s a shame because it’s a very informative class. It explains the history of the way our country is run, but it also gives you information on what’s required when you become an adult, such as getting your license and whatever else you need. Worrying that the government has access to his face, this man doesn’t understand that if you have a passport or license, they have it already.

The government already has our faces on file

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