Hilarious photos of when work safety flew right out the window

Hilarious photos of when work safety flew right out the window

In the intense world of health and safety we currently live in, there isn’t as much risk as there used to be. It’s rare now to walk down the street and see someone cleaning windows way up on the top floor of a building in a hilarious way. Luckily, some of these heroes still exist. They live on the wild side, and what they do best is cutting corners. Are you up for some good laughs?

[post_page_title]What? It’s totally safe[/post_page_title]

Remember when your parents advised you not to put a fork in the toaster? Well, this guy may have skipped that lesson. He may be one of the US Navy’s finest engineers, but he must have desperately needed to charge his phone in order to try this.

What? It’s totally safe

If you cannot find a charger, it might be best to stay away from your phone for a while. Experiencing some temporary silence is safer than a possible electrocution.

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