Here’s why robots will never be able to substitute creativity

Although robots were once the play things of sci-fi movies and fantasy novels, it seems as though we’re getting closer and closer to having a world full of robots and artificial intelligence. In fact, we’re already living with this AI technology in our homes, and robots produce our clothing, toys, and food on a daily base. Because of this increase in robotic technology, more and more people are wondering about the future. Will we be able to live harmoniously alongside these robots? Will they take over and replace us in our jobs? Well, here’s why robots will never be able to substitute creativity.

They don’t understand irrational thought

Although artificial intelligence can arguably be much more intelligent than the human brain, they do not understand irrational thought. They work on reason and logic alone, which doesn’t always come in handy when creativity is involved. Because robots are not designed to have the emotional understanding that a human has instinctively, they cannot curb their writing or their artwork to honor these feelings. They cannot offer sympathy or humility, and they cannot understand anything other than rational processes.

Here’s why robots will never be able to substitute creativity

They don’t understand context

In a creative world, context is key. Sometimes we have to adapt and overcome in terms of our writing or our creative thought, as we have to bend the context and work out what it means. However, robots cannot do that. In terms of their creativity, they only see black and one. They see one answer to one question, and they do not leave any wiggle room. This means that if they do not understand the context of a story or creative piece, they will not be able to replicate or know what is really going on. Humans, however, learn over the course of their lives that context is everything.

They don’t have an imagination

Although those who have watched one too many sci-fi movies might suggest otherwise, robots do not have an imagination. They cannot dream, they cannot think up ideas, and they cannot analyze anything in a creative manner. Because those in the creative world are constantly having to create ideas, edit them, and then sometimes edit them again, this is not the place for a robot to work. These creative roles will only ever be able to be undertaken by human beings who have an imagination and can think up these new ideas.

Here’s why robots will never be able to substitute creativity

People prefer humans

Perhaps the biggest reason why robots will never be able to substitute creativity is that people prefer humans. Many people are afraid or concerned about the impact robots are having on our society, which means most people will almost always choose to speak and interact with a human rather than a root. This would be the same in the creative world.

If you’re worried about the prospect of a robot taking over your job, then you don’t need to be too concerned. If you work in the creative industry, there’s very little chance that you’ll have an AI storm your desk and take over your chair.

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