The greatest college mascots

College mascots play an important role in sports and other school programs. Whether it is dancing with the cheerleaders at pep rallies or playfully heckling the crowd during a game, mascots are a symbol of spirit and pride. There is something about the bizarre costumes and playful banter that makes us feel unified and proud to be a part of a team.


From ancient Greek warriors to cheeky Badgers, these are a few of the greatest college mascots who have been bridging the gap between supporters and players for decades.


Super Frog – TCU

When you think of some of the greatest mascots to have ever danced across the playing field, a bulldog or other type of mammal usually comes to mind. TCU has not followed suit in the traditional sense of mascots and has rather opted for a reptile to cheer the team on to victory. Super Frog is a pleasant breath of fresh air especially since he looks like a Pokémon! News on the street is that there is a new tadpole in town who will be cheering alongside Super Frog on the courts and fields.


The Oregon Duck – University of Oregon

When it comes to ruffling the opposing team’s feathers, the Oregon Duck knows exactly how to do it. The mascot has a close likeness to Disney’s Donald Duck thanks to an agreement made with Walt Disney back in 1947. While he may look like a close relative of Donald Duck, Oregon Duck’s fierce spirit is what gets the crowd going. If he is not shooting doughnuts into the crowd or riding his motorcycle, he is heckling fans of the opposing team.


Sparty – Michigan State University

Sparty is the kind of mascot that can intimidate anyone with his handsome looks and chiseled muscles. Sparty is Michigan State University’s very own spartan warrior who has a bold spirit and lovable demeanor no matter the season. The ancient Greek warrior has also made it to the cover of the EA Sports’ NCAA Football franchise video game for the Nintendo Wii version.

The greatest college mascots

Bucky the Badger – University of Wisconsin

Buckingham U. or more affectionately known as Bucky the Badger is the official mascot for the University of Wisconsin.  Bucky gets the crowd going by encouraging students to dance along with the band’s music, playfully picking fights with the opposing team’s mascots, and performing skits during each game. Bucky, who is also quite athletic, does push-ups after every touchdown or goal. During the Indiana game in 2010, Bucky did a total of 573 push-ups to match the winning score! To add to Bucky’s accomplishments, the feisty badger has also starred in his very own documentary called Being Bucky.


Sebastian the Ibis – University of Miami

Sebastian the Ibis is possibly one of the most well-known mascots on the college football field. Legend has it that the Ibis, a long-legged marsh bird, is the last species of wildlife to take shelter during a hurricane, and the first to return once the storm is over.  It makes sense that the Miami Hurricanes chose this brave bird to represent their team. Sebastian the Ibis usually makes his grand entrance on the field by appearing through a cloud of smoke.

The greatest college mascots

There are hundreds of mascots from around the world who deserve recognition. Without these students and their wild costumes, college events would not be as fun and exciting as they are today!



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