The greatest actors who have never won an Oscar

There can be no greater accolade for an actor than winning an Oscar. It is a sign of appreciation from your fellow professionals, and it ensures you will go down in history as one of the best of your generation. For years, Leonardo DiCaprio was snubbed at the Oscars, but finally he was victorious. Now that Leo is out of the picture these are the greatest actors never to win an Academy Award.

Glenn Close

For this legendary actress it really has been a case of close, but not close enough. Glenn Close has been nominated for an Oscar an unbelievable seven times and so far has not yet managed to get over the winning line. She must be wondering what else she can do to finally seal the approval of the Oscars voting committee. Close’s Oscar nominations came from films such as Dangerous Liaisons, The Wife, The Natural, Albert Nobbs, and The Big Chill.

The greatest actors who have never won an Oscar

Amy Adams

Right on the heels of Glenn Close is Amy Adams, who has been nominated for six Oscars. She too is yet to win one, but if she keeps on going, we reckon it’s only a matter of time before she gets one. Like DiCaprio, there seems to be an inevitable sense that one day Adams will have a golden statue of her own. Her nominations came from films such as Vice, The Master, Doubt, The Fighter, and American Hustle.

Joaquin Phoenix

Ever since he portrayed the villain in the historical drama Gladiator, you just knew that Joaquin Phoenix was going to have an amazing career. The enigmatic actor can sometimes appear to be a little kooky on the outside, but when he’s on set, there are few better than him. He was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Gladiator alongside Walk the Line and The Master.

Edward Norton

Edward Norton is another actor who you probably imagine has won an Oscar, but every time he’s nominated, someone else comes out on top. The star has been nominated three times but didn’t do enough to convince his peers he deserved the main award.

Norton’s Oscar-nominated performances came in American History X, Birdman, and Primal Fear. With plenty of years ahead of him in Hollywood, there’s still time for Norton to get schmoozing to help convince the voting panel he deserves a gong of his own.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams has been to the Oscars four times but has yet to take home an award of her own. She has come close thanks to her performances in Brokeback Mountain, My Week with Marilyn, Manchester by the Sea, and Blue Valentine. Williams is yet to hit 40 and will have plenty more roles in the future to scoop her the Oscar award she probably already should own.

The greatest actors who have never won an Oscar

These actors thrilled the world with their performances but somehow have never taken home an Oscar. They will be hoping the next time they are up for the award they go one better and actually get to use their acceptance speech.

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