Where the cast of the nostalgic show ‘Good Times’ is nowadays

When thinking of your favorite sitcom, what is it that makes you smile? Perhaps it’s the constant drama or unpredictable moments? Maybe the characters are the ones that keep you coming back each week? Could it be the storylines that take several twists and turns with each new season?

Whatever it is that keeps you coming back for more, it can be easy to find yourself lost in the world of sitcoms. Good Times might have been another step towards Hollywood for some, but for others, it was just the beginning of their career. So the question is: what happened to the cast after all these years?

[post_page_title]Janet Jackson as Penny Woods[/post_page_title]

Penny first graces our screens in the season five, but it isn’t long before she becomes a fan favorite for the final two seasons of the show. The character first appears on the show covered in bandages, and it’s not long before the others realize why.

When Penny attempts to buy a bus ticket with no money, J.J. is the one to step in and raise her the cash. Not long after they meet, Penny tracks down her new friend to thank him properly.

[post_page_title]Janet Jackson today[/post_page_title]

A few years after exiting the show, Janet signed a contract that would change her life: it was a record deal. Now, the singer has sold more than 100 million records all around the world, been on eight world tours, and received no less than eleven Billboard Music Awards, nine MTV Video Music Awards, five Grammys, and eleven American Music Awards.

As well as a staggering music career, Janet has also continued to appear on both the big and small screen.

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