Gaming accessories for gamers on a budget

Gaming is a great pastime, and it does not need to cost you a lot of money to be able to have fun. Many may think getting all the accessories needed to have your own gaming system at home is hard and expensive. However, there are many options in the market that are pocket friendly. In this case, cheap does not mean you have to compromise on quality. These budget accessories are of great quality and will work well enough to ensure you have a great gaming experience. Let’s look at some of the best gaming accessories for gamers on a budget.

Gaming accessories for gamers on a budget

Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller

At only $60, you can get the wireless Microsoft Xbox One controller for your PC gaming. While you’d mostly use a keyboard and mouse, some games do call for a good old controller, and this one is one of the best budget controllers out there. This game pad is highly compatible and can be connected to your PC over Bluetooth or through a wired connection. Its ergonomic design allows you to hold it for long without exhausting your hands.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard

For a little below a hundred dollars, ($95), the Logitech G Pro Keyboard allows you to get something new that’s as quick as its stylish. It comes with a fully customizable per-key RGB illumination, alongside a 26-key rollover allowing you to put in multi-key combinations at the same time, something that’s a great feature when PC gaming. Execute several actions seamlessly while gaming with this one.

8Bitdo SN30 Pro Wireless Controller

This wireless controller is designed with dual analog sticks and four triggers, making it suitable for any modern 3D game. At a price of less than $60, you can enjoy the multiple input modes that come with this controller. It works well with PCs as an XInput device, with Android devices as a Directinput device and is also compatible with Mac.

Cougar Surpassing Gaming Mouse

This mouse offers a pretty good deal for its $50 pricing. It has an LCD on its bottom that shows the mouse’s current DPI and polling rate, raising its performance and allowing for customizable sensitivity. It has colored lighting and can reach from 400 – 7,200DPI and 125 – 1,000Hz.

Gaming accessories for gamers on a budget

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows

Microsoft game pads feature universal drivers for Xbox One Controllers, which makes integration with your PC easy. These game pads only work with a wired connection however. Using a Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows enables you to connect a total of 8 Xbox One game pads to a PC, wirelessly.

Turtle Beach Atlas One

Turtle Beach completes your budget gaming set with a $50 gaming headset. The Atlas One is a wired PC headset with plush ear pads and a clear microphone for great sound quality to ensure a great gaming experience. It’s a great choice for glass wearers as it features channels to allow reduction of pressure on glasses. It’s comfortable to wear and easy to use.

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