Funny photos of people who didn’t think before they acted

There are times when we see people doing things that they clearly didn’t think through. However, all you can do when that happens is shake your head and move on with your day — but only, of course, after snapping a photo for proof. Here are some of our very favorite pieces of evidence.

[post_page_title]Find a seat[/post_page_title]

This clearly wasn’t a very smart idea. First of all, the car is not suited to fit this sort of item. They really should have brought a truck with them for pick-up or had it delivered. Secondly, this woman is using herself as a weight to keep the package in place.

Find a seat

However, how is she going to stay in place when the car starts moving, the package starts sliding, and she’s not wearing a seatbelt? This is a recipe for a disaster.

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