Funny and weird trends that should probably stay in the past

Funny and weird trends that should probably stay in the past

In this day and age, we live in a society that’s largely dictated by trends. The things we do, eat, and say hinge on what happens to be “hip” that very second. So life is hard enough just contending with new trends – what about the old ones? Sure, they seem to be gone, but like Jason from Friday the 13th, they have an annoying tendency to come back. These are the trends of yesteryear that we sincerely hope aren’t gearing up for a reappearance.

[post_page_title]Salt and Ice Challenge[/post_page_title]

Have you noticed that at any given time, the internet always seems to be challenging us to do something? Leave us alone, internet! Life is challenging enough as it is. So if you use any kind of social media, you will have most certainly heard of the salt and ice challenge.

Salt and Ice Challenge

This craze swept over the internet like wildfire, and it was one of the most ridiculous challenges ever – and that’s saying something! The challenge required you to place an ice cube on top of your hand, on top of a pile of salt. Although this may seem easy, it is actually incredibly dangerous to do, not to mention completely pointless.

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