What your favorite comic character says about you

Everyone has a favorite, right? No matter what it is you’re watching or reading, everyone has a character that they are far more drawn to than others. Most of the time, people tend to gravitate toward the protagonist, and since they’re the star of the show and the one you see the most often, it’s hard not to. However, when it comes to comic books, people absolutely love pitting characters against each other, as if they can’t be satisfied without knowing which is the ultimate hero. Every comic character is different, with totally different traits, powers, and backstory; most of the time people will choose their favorite based on either who they relate to or who they wish they could be. So, what does your favorite comic character say about you?


So, you can’t get enough of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Well, neither can a lot of people. If you love this web-slinging hero, then you can probably relate to Peter’s high school experience. High school wasn’t a great place for you, but you got by in the end. You’re not bothered with the idea of brute force and a brawny hero, you’d rather someone with a high moral code and an unbeatable sense of humor. You loved Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man, but you know Tom Holland is your favorite and it’s not just because he fits perfectly within the MCU.

What your favorite comic character says about you

V from V for Vendetta

You’re not happy with the world you’re living in, and you feel as if something needs to change. You know it’s not quite as bad as what happens in V for Vendetta, but you still can’t help feeling restless. You tend to follow the news a lot and try to understand what is happening out there in the wider world. You like someone with an air of mystery, a character that doesn’t give everything away but prefers more realistic and serious real-world consequences for your story.

Ms. Marvel

You loved Ms. Marvel before Captain Marvel was even released in the cinemas. Female empowerment is your jam, you don’t need a dark backstory to pique your interest, all you need is someone ready to have some fun. After all, doing the right thing doesn’t always mean being all doom and gloom. You probably enjoyed listening to Avril Lavigne and dyed strands of your hair pink for extra pizazz.


There’s nothing quite like Deadpool. If you liked the comics, it means you’re the kind of person who hates the idea of playing it safe. You like to take risks, and you love the idea of your superhero behaving like a real person, doing all the right stuff without any of the goodwill fluff behind them. You’re realistic, but you love a good laugh.

What your favorite comic character says about you

The X-Men

You just can’t make your mind up about which character is your favorite, you love a variety. You’re the kind of person who stands in front of the pick ‘n’ mix and have to have at least one of everything. You’re also the kind of person who likes to have a lot to focus on, with more heroes to follow, there’s more action to get excited about. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting bored with one person’s storyline or relationship, because there are plenty more to focus on.

There are so many comic book characters out there, but you can always tell a little bit about yourself by which one is your favorite.

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