This family took the same picture every year for over 2 decades

Award-winning English photographer Zed Nelson has made a name for himself shooting controversial issues. That being said, one of his most well-known and impactful works is much closer to home.

His work, titled The Family, focuses on a series of images of a single family that were taken once a year for over 20 years. It’s a beautiful look at what changes, and what doesn’t, about a family.

[post_page_title]2013 – the final photo[/post_page_title]

Here, we start at the end. The final picture of the series was taken back in 2013. For each session, Nelson takes over 30 individual shots so that he can pick an option that looks and feels as natural as possible.


One thing Nelson made sure to do was maintain the same background in each shot, as well as the arrangement of his subjects. That fact seems to clarify both the similarities and differences from one shot to the next.

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