Everything we know about Star Trek: Picard

If you haven’t already heard, then CBS is bringing out a series entirely based around Star Trek’s Jean-Luc Picard. Instead of exploring a younger version of the character, they have decided to use the one, the only, Patrick Stewart to play his famous and well-beloved character. So, following the announcement, what do we know about the new series Picard?

It has a mysterious plotline

While they didn’t give much away where the plot was concerned, however, there are a few details we can unravel from the trailer. We know that this Star Trek is set an entire twenty years after Star Trek: Next-generation ended, giving the character twenty years of growth and change to contend with. This is supposed to be representing the next chapter in his life. However, it seems the mysteries are growing as more is shown to us.

Not fitting in

It seems they try to set the scene with a voiceover with Picard saying how he has tried fitting in, but it hasn’t worked out for him. There was also the question that has been directed at him which was, why did he leave Starfleet? Of course, it seems this character has a lot to answer for in the time he has been away, but he also appears to be being thrown into the deep end wherever he goes.

Everything we know about Star Trek: Picard

He gains a new crew

We’re pretty sure everyone would be quite upset if they didn’t get to see Picard captain a ship again. So, that’s where his new crew comes in. It seems he ends up trying to help a young woman who appears to be in great danger. We’re shown that she has some enigmatic abilities, although they don’t show anything in great detail. The trailer shows as this group of people come together to form Picard’s new crew.

Patrick Stewart is an executive producer on the show

Thankfully, many can rest easy that no one is going to be making Picard do anything that seems entirely out of character. Stewart has reassured fans that he is more than able to understand his character, although other executive producers have also commented that Stewart hasn’t strictly shackled them creatively. So, we could still see a little variation, but it’s essential to remember that this is a man who has had a long time to change and evolve, although we do still need to see remnants of the man everyone loved.

When is it going to premier?

While there is no set date on when the show is going to be released as of yet, they have claimed that it will have been debuted by the end of the year. The show is going to be available on CBS All Access and Amazon Prime. It’s going to be a tough year not to have all the streaming sites at once. Thankfully, no one has to wait for a particularly long time in order to get a look-in for this interesting show.

Everything we know about Star Trek: Picard

An all-new Star Trek

Following Discovery, it seems fans will get to see cutting-edge technology at its finest, enjoying all the new gadgets and modern tech throughout the series. Instead of creating an all-new Star Trek concept, they’re revisiting an old one and turning that on its head. It’s nostalgia brought forward into now.

It is sure going to be interesting to see Patrick Stewart reprise a role that isn’t Charles Xavier and is instead taking up a far older mantel. However, no doubt the show will carry on his acting talent alone. At any rate, we’ll find out soon enough.

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