Embarrassing snapchats that were quickly deleted

Sweet tooth

The filters and effects on Snapchat make the app one of the most-loved ways to take and share photos. But the true wonder of Snapchat turned out to be some quick screenshotting that has brought us some hilariously embarrassing moments. What these people thought would be fleeting, seconds-long images, actually turned into viral long-living screenshots

[post_page_title]Sweet tooth[/post_page_title]

There’s something about small things that make them look bite-sized, and this person got a mouthful when they took a nibble on this tiny cake. This mini treat looked scrumptious enough to take a bite out of without any further investigation, but this ended up being a bad decision.

Sweet tooth

Turns out this was not, in fact, made of chocolate; it was soap. This was an unpleasant surprise for the taster, but it did make for a very funny moment for everyone else.

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