Does covering phone cameras and webcams really do anything?

When people joke that the FBI is watching them, they often do so with a nervous laugh. They prefer to see the funny side of the situation because the reality is too terrifying to bear. What if our every move is actually being watched by someone? Are our phones and computers really a means for other people to keep an eye on us? It’s a horrifying thought and one that has led many worried civilians to cover their phone cameras and webcams. Is that achieving anything though?

Does covering phone cameras and webcams really do anything?

We live in an advanced society

There’s so much that’s changed in the last few decades that we would never have dreamt was possible. Technology has developed beyond our wildest dreams, and it continues to exceed all our expectations. However, while we’re excited about what the future holds, that doesn’t mean these developments don’t pose any significant problems.

We’re more connected than ever before, but giving away so much of our personal access could be working against us. Security leaks seem to be continually happening online, and it has people questioning just how safe their information is. Are all these high-tech smartphones and computers really making our lives easier, or are they just setting us up for a disaster somewhere down the line?

They’re always watching

One of the biggest concerns that people have with these security breaches is that someone could hack into their devices and access their cameras. That prospect is worrying, especially considering how much of our lives can potentially be captured through the lens of a phone camera or webcam. Someone could be watching you at your most intimate moments and documenting them for later use.

While some people would like to believe that’s an empty threat, it most certainly isn’t. The FBI previously revealed that they have the means to access a person’s webcam without the recording light coming on. Although they use this to help them monitor certain people of interest, that means there’s a chance they could be watching you without you knowing. It’s no wonder so many people advise that you cover up your cameras when you’re not using them.

Does covering phone cameras and webcams really do anything?

The real problem

The question is, does this tactic really work? Well, yes, from a basic standpoint. If you have something covering your phone camera or webcam, then no-one will be able to take pictures of you secretly. However, cybersecurity expert Tarah Wheeler has advised that it’s not their cameras that people should be concerned about – it’s their devices.

If someone manages to hack into your phone or computer, the data they’re able to pull from it is likely to be far worse than what your camera will pick up. Unless you’re doing something dodgy in front of the lens, you should be putting more effort into making sure your devices are secure and haven’t been breached. There are some dangerous people out there who’d love to get their hands on your information.

So, if you’d prefer some peace of mind then definitely stick something over your phone cameras and webcams. Just remember that while they are hackable, there are bigger things for you to be concerned about.

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