These computer games will make you miss the ’90s

While video games had been around before the ‘90s began, this was the decade which really brought them to the attention of the mainstream. There are gamers today who grew up playing the best that the 1990s had to offer and still look back on those days as the glory years. Here are some classic ‘90s video games that will have you wishing you could turn back the clock to play just one more game.

Final Fantasy VII 1997

This game is so good, fans still play it today. It has never really left the public consciousness and demand is so high the fans have finally received the news they were hoping for. There will be a remake of the game so people can play it in the glorious high resolution of modern games consoles. The RPG was not the first to come from Japan, but it was the one that everyone played, and everyone put hundreds of hours into. It was so big that it even came with multiple disks for players to play it on.

These computer games will make you miss the ’90s

Goldeneye 1997

All you needed was three friends, and you just let the carnage begin. Goldeneye on the N64 was one of the best shooters of a generation, and it had people coming back for more and more and more. The fact you could choose the weapons used, many maps, and which iconic Bond characters you played as made it an instant classic. The single player campaign was good, but it was all about beating your friends in multiplayer.

Metal Gear Solid 1998

There aren’t many games that come along and stop everyone in their tracks. The Metal Gear Solid franchise seemed to get better and better as it grew, but the original is what keep people interested in it to begin with.

You played as Solid Snake, and your goal was to sneak your way around and infiltrate a top-secret bunker that had developed a walking nuclear weapon. There was story, iconic villains, and replay value that some games today could learn a thing or two from.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1991

Sonic the Hedgehog was the big rival to Super Mario Bros. during the early ‘90s, but while the Nintendo franchise has blossomed, Sega’s did not. That doesn’t mean we can’t look back at it only though and Sonic the Hedgehog was one of the must-play titles of the ‘90s. Even if you were a Nintendo owner, the chances are you still played this classic arcade side scroller. Dr. Robotnik also remains one of the most iconic video game villains ever created.

These computer games will make you miss the ’90s

Street Fighter II 1991

There wasn’t an arcade in the world that didn’t have Street Fighter II. The game was perhaps the best beat ‘em up ever made and still holds up by today’s modern standards. It benefitted from having a control system that was easy to understand but difficult to master.

The roster has some of the most iconic video game characters ever created and gave players the ability to shoot fireballs at their opponents. Hours upon hours were lost both in playing your friend and trying to defeat the game’s boss, M. Bison.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane, and you’ve tried to dig out your old games consoles to fire these up one more time.

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