America’s top comic book stores

We have entered an age where comic books are reigning. What used to be a pastime known to people who were considered ‘nerds’ or ‘geeks,’ is now a worldwide fascination adored by many. Of course, in many ways, we can thank the likes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has opened up the world of superheroes to people who might otherwise never opened a comic book. So, where are the best and biggest stores you can get your comic books from?

America’s top comic book stores

Quimby’s Bookstore – Chicago

Some of the best stores in the world are independent, and comic book stores are no exception. This is actually tailored more to people who love something a little less mainstream. Since comic books and their stories are often associated with superheroes and the brands of Marvel and DC, many independent comics can be sidelined or even forgotten. If perhaps you’re looking for something a little less known and with more quirk, then Quimby’s bookstore is somewhere to visit.

Austin Books and Comics – Austin, Texas

If you’re looking for somewhere huge and exciting to go view your comic books, then Austin Books and Comics is a fantastic place to go. Here you will find all the usual mainstream comic books alongside some opportunities to see and discover first editions. Comics is only one of the many things they sell here, however, as merchandise seems to be many people’s weakness. From awesome Avengers masks to T-shirts, you’ll come away with more than you expected.

JHU Comic Books – New York City

If you’re actually looking to immerse yourself into the world of comics with little to no distraction, then JHU comics is the perfect place. Many other stores naturally adorn their shelves with other such products to reel people in to buy something, whereas the focus here is all on the comics. It will ensure you get the issue you want or open you up to a host of titles you might not have noticed before. If a good stock is what you’re looking for and a wide variety, then this is a perfect spot.

America’s top comic book stores

Cartoon Art Museum Bookstore – San Francisco

The title speaks for itself. However, if your love runs deeper than just for the stories and appreciation for the artwork, but you have a keen interest in pursuing the artwork and passion yourself, then this niche is based around that. This store has various books based on histories of art, comics, and cartoons, along with books that show people how to do it. Aside from books, they also sell toys, DVDs, and various other gifts and bits to purchase. By doing this, they also support local and young artists.

Big Planet Comics – Washington DC

If you’re looking for escapism and somewhere to create an all-immersive experience, then it doesn’t get any better than this without going to Comic-Con, that’s for sure. The store has absolutely everything from the popular comic books to the more independent stories. They actually started out prioritizing the more independent comic book but has expanded since then. They not host meet-and-greet events, book-signing events, and even have their own publishing house! How cool is that?

There are comic book stores around the world. However, just like the readers, they have a focus on something slightly different. So, it all depends on the kinds of reader you are and your general preference in how you like to pursue your passion for comic books.