The comic book origins of Natalie Portman’s upcoming role as Thor

Thor’s origins story seemed to have two protagonists. Although we know that Thor was the main guy from the name of the movie, the screen time was giving Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster quite a lot of attention. Although we never saw the likes of Jane Foster in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, with Thor claiming that the two mutually called it quits, it seems the two must reconcile somehow following the upcoming title ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.’


A blasted love triangle


Jane first appeared in the comics’ Journey to Mystery’ back in 1962 and was actually a nurse. She nursed Dr. Donald Blake back to health, and events would determine that she would be in a love triangle between him and Thor. Luckily, it turns out that Jane isn’t playing anyone around as they’re both actually Thor, although Blake is Thor’s mortal host while he’s on earth. Eventually, one thing led to another and Thor took Jane to Asgard where she would be granted immortality. However, Odin eventually saw fit to remove those privileges, claiming she didn’t have the courage to own them and banished her back to earth with no memory of what had occurred. Nice.


Jane had to move on


As a result of what had happened, Jane had no choice or memory of Thor and eventually married another man. However, through a succession of events, Jane remained in Thor’s life as a supporting character. Jane was actually involved in the ‘Civil War’ element of the Avengers, taking the side of Captain America. Afterward, Jane was appointed the vital role in the Congress of the Worlds as Midgard representative, or earth. Not long after the events of FemaleThor occurred.

The comic book origins of Natalie Portman’s upcoming role as Thor


Thor lost his powers


Not anyone of everyone can wield Thor’s hammer – Mjolnir. During a battle with Nick Fury, Fury uttered some unknown words into Thor’s ear which somehow made him instantly unworthy of wielding the weapon. Mjolnir was on the moon at the time and could not be reached nor moved by anyone. Mjolnir then sought Jane, telepathically communicating with her so that she would seek it out. She had Heimdall transport her to the hammer’s location where she touched upon it. She then transformed, gaining Thor’s powers and becoming Female Thor.


It changed everything


Whenever Jane wielded Mjolnir, it would dramatically change her appearance, turning her hair blonde, adorning a masked helm and clothing her in armor. The look is supposed to be the exact female opposite of Thor’s. Before all of this, Jane had been diagnosed and dealing with breast cancer and chose not to use magical remedies, and to stick with chemotherapy. However, whenever she transformed, the hammer removed any and all toxins from her body, removing any effect the chemo was having. She eventually had to ask Doctor Strange for assistance.

The comic book origins of Natalie Portman’s upcoming role as Thor


One solution


The only solution was that she had to stop transforming. However, Jane had a compelling urge to fulfill that of the greater good. When she discovered that Asgard was in danger, she had no choice but to change. Thor, who adopted the name Odinson, discovered it was Jane after she had sacrificed herself and eventually managed to revive her. These events made Thor worthy again, and he took the mantle up so that Jane could focus on her health instead.


There’s an awful lot of background to all of this, but we’re pretty sure there will be a quirky way that will somehow intertwine the storyline to make it work within the MCU. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing Jane Foster take up the moniker and mantle of Thor.




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