How to clear your reading list using technology

When it comes to exciting and exhilarating escapes from the real world, nothing gives you more bang for your entertainment buck than a good book. Whether your interest is in non-fiction historical novels, paranormal thrillers, or even saucy romance paperbacks, books have the incredible ability to both entertain and educate us. However, the problem with many books is that they tend to be so lengthy, and getting through one often feels like such a dang commitment. The fact is, many of us genuinely don’t have the luxury of time to settle down with one, no matter how interesting the title seems. If you’re looking to plow through your reading list, but you’re feeling strapped for time, then perhaps you need to take a closer look at how technology can help you finally accomplish this seemingly-lofty goal!

Go hands-free with audiobooks

We’re going to be straight with you here: there’s nothing quite like the experience of holding a real-deal novel in your hands and manually turning its pages as you devour chapter after chapter of regaling literature. The thing is, though, when you read a book? You really can’t do anything else. You’re bound to that book until either you’re done with it or you hit an intermission. Conversely, audiobooks – such as the ones you can purchase through programs like Audible – allow you to enjoy your books while freeing up your hands. That means you can listen to a gripping story while at the gym, during your daily commute, and even while cooking dinner.

How to clear your reading list using technology

Stick it in your pocket

Sometimes something as wordy as a book may be too much for you. Maybe you’re more into following the news and entertainment pages on your favorite news websites instead. If you’re into the habit of bookmarking fascinating articles to read later, only to totally forget about them, you may want to let Pocket help you out. This website helps organize all of your favorite types of content (allowing you to sort them by article, video, and images) and lets you bookmark them to come back to them later. That way, you can always be confident that you’re only reading what you want, when you want to read it!

Turn it into a podcast

In today’s hustle and bustle world, it can seem like nobody has time to actually sit down in front of their computer and call up articles to read. And just like you may need to free up your hands to get around to reading books, you may also need a little extra help to work through your articles, too. If you find that your reading time is extremely limited, then converting your bookmarked articles into a podcast may be just the ticket. That’s where Read2Me steps in. This service turns virtually any article into a convenient podcast. Then, when you find yourself with a little bit of downtime, you can simply pop in your earbuds and finally knock those accumulating articles out one by one.

How to clear your reading list using technology

Devour books in small bites

Perhaps your issue isn’t that you don’t have time to read a book. Maybe it’s somewhat more complicated than that. If you’re one of the many people who merely can’t commit to more than a few pages at a time without getting overwhelmed or distracted, then Dripread may be just the ticket for you. This service allows you to savor bite-sized servings of various ebooks, enabling you to get through them at a pace that works best for you. By sending you just a chapter at a time, you don’t have to worry about sinking too much time into reading. Instead, you can just partition a few minutes per day to flip through a handful of pages. That way, you can read precisely the amount of the book that you want, and not a single word extra!

Become a well-read individual

It’s amazing how your literary choices define your personality. If you’re a sci-fi buff, then people probably know that you’ve got a secret stash of geeky t-shirts hiding in your closet. If you’re into horror novels, then the average person can safely glean that you don’t let your toes dangle off the edge of the bed at night. And if you’re into true-crime books, then you probably approach strangers with more than a touch of trepidation. No matter what you like to read, though, you deserve to finally navigate your way through your stack of unfinished articles and tomes. By putting technology to work for you, though, you can finally feel that sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes only from completing your reading list once and for all!

How to clear your reading list using technology

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