Celebrities you didn’t know were fans of Harry Potter

There aren’t many film franchises that can claim to be as successful as Harry Potter. A lot have tried, but only a few of them can match the magnitude of these epic movies. Harry Potter has stolen the hearts of millions around the world, and it continues to amass support with the release of spin-off series Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It’s not just everyday folk who go crazy over the boy wizard and his quest to defeat Voldemort, though. Plenty of celebrities have voiced their love for the films and proven they fangirl over them just as much as the rest of us.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence once stated she screamed when she first met Daniel Radcliffe, and we can understand that reaction completely. As the star of the series, there’s something truly magical about the guy who brought Harry Potter to life. Lawrence is hardly a nobody herself having fronted The Hunger Games movies and other blockbuster flicks, but her love for the Wizarding World is just that strong.

Celebrities you didn’t know were fans of Harry Potter

Amanda Bynes

Like many other fans of Harry Potter, Amanda Bynes never wants the Harry Potter series to end. She was once quoted as saying she wished J.K. Rowling would find a way to continue writing the books so it will go on and on forever. We might not agree with everything Bynes has done in her life, but that is something we can definitely get behind. Luckily, it seems the author took note because the franchise is still alive and kicking.

John Green

As a fellow author, we expect John Green can understand how difficult it was for Rowling to give fans the outcomes they wanted in her books. He certainly seems to appreciate the work the woman has done because he’s said himself how much he loves the franchise. Green is such a firm supporter of the Wizarding World that he’s outed himself as a Hufflepuff, something that not everyone would be proud to reveal.

Jonathan Davis

He’s best known as the frontman of nu metal band Korn, but when he’s not living his passion on the stage, Jonathan Davis is apparently indulging in some Harry Potter. That’s according to an interview where the musician revealed he admired the fact the boy wizard was such an underdog. No matter how often things were stacked against him, Harry never stopped fighting the good fight. Davis really appreciates that, even if he might not seem like the franchise’s target audience.

Celebrities you didn’t know were fans of Harry Potter

William and Kate

You wouldn’t think the Royal Family would have any time to enjoy Harry Potter considering how busy they are with their many duties. However, William has admitted that he’s seen all of the films, and the pair were once spotted visiting the Harry Potter studios together. Given the duo have three young kids at home, the films are probably an excellent way for them to keep the little ones occupied. We wonder if they’ve ever managed to rope the Queen into watching the movies.

One of the great things about the Harry Potter franchise is how it’s managed to connect so many people around the world. The fact that all these celebrities love the books and films as much as the rest of us shows that we’re all more alike than we realize. Now, if only we could rope one of them into talking everything Harry Potter related with us – our lives would be complete!

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