What we can learn from Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is an unstoppable franchise. After the most recent installment, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was released to mixed reviews in 2008, Disney producers have no holds barred and plan to give us yet another film in 2021. Not many details have been revealed just yet, but we are beyond excited to see what escapades everyone’s favorite whip-wielding archaeologist will get up to this time.

Indiana Jones is truly an icon, a man everyone should look up to. Over the years, he has taught us some wonderfully inspiring life lessons that we should all learn something from. Ever need some advice? Go to Indy! Let’s take a look at why he’s such a hero.

What we can learn from Indiana Jones

Dream big

Indy has many skeptics. Whenever he begins his new adventure, people think he’s crazy. But he always thinks outside the box, and his imagination is never limited by reality. Anything is possible in Indy’s world. He dreams big, and his sense of adventure is next to none. Nothing and no one will ever get in his way of reaching his goals. He always has a point to prove, and more often than not he proves it well.

The world is waiting

Indy is well traveled. He has many doors of opportunity opened for him, and he never turns down the chance to step through them. He lives by the philosophy that you need to be fearless, always in pursuit of the next big thing. No rock should be left unturned. The world is a big place, and he wants us all to explore it. He’s fascinated by the unknown, and is never satisfied with staying in one place. Itchy feet is an understatement.

Nothing is impossible

In Indy’s world, nothing is impossible. In fact, everything is possible. No one ever believes him at first, there’s a lot of doubters who take him down from the pedestal he belongs to be on. At no times does he stop chasing what he believes, never giving up on working hard. His heart is full of big ideas, and although he often doesn’t execute them well, they almost always become a reality.

What we can learn from Indiana Jones

Be a rebel

Sometimes you’ve gotta swim against the tide, and Indy is one man who knows this all too well. He’s misunderstood, but he kinda likes it this way. He doesn’t change for anyone, and is never afraid to speak the truth when it needs to be said. When people say go left, he goes right, but only because he knows that it’s the correct way. Everyone else is always wrong. He’s a rebel, but only for good reasons. Be the shepherd, not a sheep.

Planning is key

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Indy knows that some things take time. Research, planning, and preparation is key when it comes to successfully reaching your goals. There are going to be challenging setbacks and hazardous obstacles along the way, so prepare yourself. Good things come to those who wait. So take this time to put plans in place to ensure you come out at the other end of the tunnel victorious.

Indy knows all too well that life is full of hidden treasure, you’ve just got be strategic, observant, and brave in order to find it. In two years time, we will be meeting Indiana Jones once again for more of his wise words. So pens out everyone, take note!

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