Bizarre behind the scenes incidents on the Game of Thrones set

Game of Thrones might be over, but there are still plenty of stories coming from the cast members that are keeping the show alive. It was one of the biggest TV shows of all time, and some of the sets were hugely elaborate, as were some of the props. There was plenty of behind the scenes action, and these are some of the most bizarre incidents on the set of Game of Thrones.

The script self destructs

No this isn’t something from Mission: Impossible, the Game of Thrones scripts really did self destruct. The HBO fantasy drama was the biggest show in the world, so the producers and showrunners took extreme measures to make sure no one leaked anything.

That meant they had self-destructing scripts that the cast members only had 24 hours to learn before they were due to shoot their scenes. The scripts would be sent to the actors via a tablet, and once the 24 hours had expired, then the scripts disappeared forever. Talk about pressure!

Destroying the earth

When Game of Thrones rolled into Malta, some landscapes felt the aftereffects. Malta was where many of Daenerys’ scenes with the Dothraki were filmed, and one particular spot in Gozo suffered badly. It was the scene of Dany and Khal Drogo’s wedding, but the production company made some adjustments to the ground to make it seem more authentic.

Sand was poured over the ground, but there were no plastic sheets used, which caused a big problem to the ecosystem. Local flora and fauna were buried underneath the layer of sand which essential scorched the earth.

The production company responsible for the damage were handed a $36,000 fine, but there was worse to come. Malta’s government went as far as banning Game of Thrones from ever returning to their country after the damage caused in season one.

Tricking the media

Game of Thrones was often a cloak and dagger operation to make sure the secrets of the show were kept under wraps. Stopping people from getting close enough to the sets was difficult though, so the showrunners decided to set up some fake scenes to bamboozle people.

One time they had Sibel Kekilli come to the set as her character Shae, even though she was no longer alive in the show. Paparazzi snapped the picture and assumed that Shae was somehow back in the show.

They used tiny horses

Many of the scenes in the show were shot in picturesque Iceland, but that caused some difficulties. A lot of the characters ride around on horseback since the automobile hadn’t quite been invented during the show’s period. Horses were an issue when in Iceland because there is a law preventing any foreign horses from coming into the country.

That meant the showrunners had to use whatever horses they could get from the country. In Iceland, there is a particular type of horse that’s a little different to most others because they’re much smaller. The horses are tiny, so when the Hound and Arya are heading to the Vale, they had to walk. Rory McCann, who plays the Hound, is 6’5” and him riding such a small horse would have looked a little strange.

There was a lot of action that unfolded before our eyes in Game of Thrones, but there was also plenty of bizarre moments when the cameras were turned off. We feel as though there are more secrets to come as cast members begin to loosen their tongues about how the show was made.

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