The biggest power couples in comics

Comic books have kept many of us entertained over the years, and they have even come to life on the big screen where many have grown to become firm fan favorites. However, it’s not just the epic fights that have kept us gripped; there have also been some of the biggest power couples in comics, too.

Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson

Although Peter Parker was once cozied up with Gwen Stacy, it wasn’t long before he met and fell for Mary Jane Watson. So what makes their relationship so special? She is the girl next door type who manages to steal the heart of the superhero, but they are in for a rough ride along the way. As well as having to balance his life of fighting crime, Spider-Man must also decide whether to tell his love the truth about his secret double life.

The biggest power couples in comics

Batman and Catwoman

Catwoman has always teased Batman, and the pair eventually fell for each other’s ways. The best bit? Selina and Bruce were once dating without ever knowing the other was also a superhero. The pair are two of the most famous names in comic book history, and it seems as though fans were thrilled to see the couple ultimately end up together. In fact, in some timelines they even share children. Wowza.

Bigby Wolf and Snow White

Many fairy tale characters have made their way into comic books over the years, and Snow White is no exception. She meets and falls for Bigby Wolf in Fabletown. Although the pair are in for a rocky ride thanks to their overwhelming differences, they eventually make their relationship work and share seven children together. As well as Snow White’s human traits, the children also share Bigby’s canine personality making their relationship even more entertaining.

Black Bolt and Medusa

It seems as though Medusa has been the only one ever truly to understand Black Bolt thanks to their unique relationship. Black Bolt can’t talk without causing worldwide destruction, but that hasn’t stopped the pair from creating their own way to communicate. Now, they are the royal rulers of the Inhumans where they continue to show their love for one another from the top.

The biggest power couples in comics

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Sure, Harley Quinn has often been seen on the arm of The Joker, but it’s her relationship with Poison Ivy that has made her such a powerful person all these years. Harley Quinn has often suffered at the hand of The Joker, and Poison Ivy became the shoulder that she needed to cry on, after committing many crimes by one another’s side, the pair eventually gave in to their feelings and shared their first kiss.

There have been many superheroes and villains over the years, but where would they be without their partner by their side? After all, two are stronger than one, right? Thankfully, comic books have always kept us guessing with these relationships as they work to create the biggest power couples of their universes. It looks as though nothing can stand in the way of true love in these worlds.

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