What the Big Bang Theory meant for geeks

In many ways, the Big Bang Theory helped to shape geek culture as we know it. It started in 2007 and ran for twelve seasons, encompassing all kinds of geeky facets from all sorts of cool science, all the way to Star Trek. It started before the Marvel Cinematic Universe was really a thing, before Game of Thrones reached our screens, and much before a lot of what geek culture has morphed into today. However, as the world changed around the show, they show transformed with it, keeping it current and entertaining.

Big Bang Theory

Their joy and excitement is relatable

The actors that played the roles did such a good job, you really felt as if you were experiencing it alongside them. It was a one-of-a-kind show that really hammered home to the rest of the world that being a geek was neither a good nor a bad thing, it was just about being interested in something different. Of course, those interests were somewhere between the realm of quantum physics and Star Trek, covering a broad range of subjects and meaning. However, the cast enraptured their audience by making them feel as if they were witnessing a real group of friends relishing in passions, while also attempting to achieve some marvelous scientific advancements.

They turned stereotypes on their head

There’s no doubt that these guys were written to be some of the most stereotypical geeks out there when in real life there’s much more of a variation in taste and attitude. Some people didn’t appreciate the portrayal; however, a large number of fans believed that changing attitudes toward the stereotypes themselves was actually an incredibly clever thing to do; it was also hilarious. Watching Penny interact with the group was probably one of the most entertaining parts, but it also showed that you really don’t need to have a Ph.D. to be friends with this group of guys.

A new kind of comedy

It was unique in its approach to comedy, including some insane real-life science equations to bridge the humor, making it easy for the audience to be awestruck by the sheer ingenuity of the show and the written characters; not to mention flawlessly delivered by the actors. The series makers decided to bring in real physicists and people from other science disciplines to give the show a unique feel of authenticity, Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy, is genuinely a neuroscientist.

Big Bang Theory 

Unforgettable cameos

It’s one thing to be faced with an awesome show with great characters, but anyone with either an interest or obsession knows that there’s nothing that would stop them from meeting their heroes. Well, the show certainly didn’t disappoint where that detail was concerned, as they managed to bring in some of the coolest cameos ever. They managed to include Stan Lee, Stephen Hawking and Carrie Fisher, who weren’t with us for very king afterward, making it an extraordinary and honorable memory. That doesn’t even include the various cameos from other famous names who are still with us, such as Leonard Nimoy, who played the original Spock and is Sheldon’s hero.

Celebrating people’s differences

This show’s aim was not to break stereotypes, but instead to make them something worth celebrating. It was a way of saying who cares if this is who I am, at least I’m happy and have people who do accept me for who I am. It also showed that, even though these guys all came together, they still had their personal differences.

The show was a platform for acceptance and hilarity, something everyone wanted a piece of, it did twelve fantastic seasons before casting off forever.

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