Which is better: PlayStation vs. Xbox

The debate about which video gaming console, PlayStation or Xbox, is the best, rages on. Both consoles have evolved significantly ever since they were launched years ago, and they have acquired new features, slimmer designs, and a large number of great games.

Microsoft’s Xbox has been around since 2001. In now has a variety of entertainment apps, and the user is able to play Xbox and Xbox 360 games. Sony, on the other hand, has the PlayStation, with the PlayStation 4 as its latest console. It has been applauded mostly for user-friendliness and exclusive blockbuster games. Additionally, both consoles have upgraded versions of their systems, that offer ultra high definition gaming. Reportedly, both Microsoft and Sony are working on a new generation of consoles, namely the Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 respectively, which could be in stores by the year 2020.

The following are some of the comparisons that can help you choose which is better: PS4 or Xbox One.

The interface

The appearance of the interface seems to be the deciding factor in the competition between the gaming consoles. Both consoles have their pros and cons, but without a doubt, the PlayStation 4 leads in sales.


Currently, there are two different versions of the PlayStation 4; the Ultra High Definition gaming PS4 Pro is more expensive than the standard slim version. On the other hand, the Xbox One has two versions as well – a 4K HDR enabled Xbox One S, and the Xbox One X, which does not only have the Ultra High Definition HDR native gameplay, but also allows gaming at 60 frames per second.

In case you are looking for the highest visual resolution and have an Ultra High Definition TV, the PS4 Pro, and Xbox One X are the best consoles.


The price of both consoles changes daily with the demand of the products. It is almost impossible to keep track of bundle deals as they come and go.

The original renewal of both spruced up consoles occurred in the same month, with both companies staggering the upgrades, making it very difficult to determine the best between the two consoles. The PS4 Pro is now almost two years old, and the console comes with amazing discounts, making it even easier to buy it at a lower price. Since the Xbox One X is he newest in the market, it has fewer discounts.


Considering how you use your gaming setup, the connectivity of your console is key. Microsoft’s Xbox One S and X have two HDMI ports. They also have IR outputs, ethernet ports, two USB ports, a power cable, and the optical audio out, compatible with both versions.

Sony’s PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro have almost the same inputs. Both consoles have a single port for HDMI out and single USB port in the back, along with two in the front as well as a power cable port and an ethernet port. The main difference between the Pro and the Slim is that the slim does not have an optical audio out port, while the PS4 Pro does. Lastly, the attracting thing about PS4’s connectivity is that it enables the user to change the internal hard drive.

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