Best Survivor seasons ranked

Survivor is an American reality TV competition that was first released on May 31st 2000. With 40 seasons already completed and a 41st one on the way, the show continues to be one of the most anticipated and watched. The show is hosted by award winning TV personality Jeff Probst. It involves a group of strangers who are placed on an isolated island without shelter, food or fire provided. The players have to complete challenges to get rewards and immunity from elimination.

Over the years, there have been bad, good and great seasons on the show, and here are the best of them.

1. Heroes vs. Villains (season 20)

The 20th season saw some of Survivors’ greatest participants coming back for a second or third try. The season was packed with unending amazing moments and unpredictable turns, and unforgettable moves by the cast. A lot of the players proved that they had been placed in the wrong tribe, making it even more exciting.

Best Survivor seasons ranked

2. Cook Islands (season 13)

With a newbie cast that got divided into tribes on basis of ethnicity, Cook Islands season had a lot of great moments that makes it one of the most memorable. The cast was an especially brilliant part of the season, and four of them even made comebacks for multiple seasons in the future. It has a gripping narrative, and you get to experience the strategizing as it happens between the players.

3. Cagayan (season 28)

Cagayan is easily the best Survivor season among those that had all new players. It hit the ground running with a brilliant season premiere episode that was full of great moments. This season also had one of the best casts ever, and the location was not a let down.

4. David vs. Goliath (season 37)

The part about David vs. Goliath which makes it one of the very best survivor seasons is the casting. The season had players who brought great personalities who kept everyone glued to the TV, a lot of whom lots of fans wouldn’t have minded having back for another season. Other than having great players, the show’s producers also put a bit more effort in their editing techniques, which gave the show a much needed reboot in this 37th season.

Best Survivor seasons ranked

5. Cambodia (season 31)

Cambodia was characterized by production twists that propelled along an exciting and unpredictable story that left fans blindsided time and again. This season had more players who were really into the game than there were underdogs, and that helped in making it a lot different and more intense than other Survivor seasons. Every week brought along an entirely unexpected vote, which resulted to some crazy tribals.

6. China (season 15)

One thing that stood out with the China season was the unique location. It provided a fantastic backdrop to the action, something different from what we were all used to. China’s cast was also one of the most entertaining. It was full of heroes, anti-heroes, villains and underdogs alike. Every player was memorable in their own way.
The adventure continues this September, with the 39th season of Survivor, Island of Idols, kicking off on 25th September 2019.

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