Best smart home gadgets

It’s incredible how much our houses can do for us now. Several years ago, you had to leave your seat if you wanted to turn the light on or see who was at the door. Now, there’s all this technology in place that makes your life so much easier. Some people might say these gadgets are making everyone lazy, but others would agree that they’re merely giving us fewer things to worry about. Of course, out of all these incredible smart home devices available, which ones are truly worth your money?

Nest Smart Thermostat

Once summer winds down and the festive season approaches, you probably find that your house isn’t as warm as you’d like it to be. That’s when you turn to your thermostat to keep things nice and toasty. Of course, turning the heat up and down all the time can be frustrating, which is why the Nest Smart Thermostat is an excellent investment.

This gadget learns your heating preferences and adjusts the temperature automatically, so you never have to get up and change it yourself. Plus, it uses phone signals to detect when you’re not home, allowing it to reduce its output and avoid wasting energy.

Neatmo Indoor Security camera

If you’re someone who worries about safety a lot, you probably hate to leave your house unattended for long. It can be hard to shake the fear that you might get robbed, but that’s why the Neatmo Indoor Security Camera is such a worthwhile purchase.

This camera is built with artificial intelligence, so it knows when someone’s on your property that shouldn’t be there. No matter where you are in the world, it can alert you to the presence of unwanted guests, and even tell you if the alarms in your house have gone off. That ought to put you at ease when you’re trying to relax on a hot beach somewhere.

Best smart home gadgets

IKEA Smart Blinds

It’s not easy waking up in the morning, especially when you’re all snuggled up in bed. Unfortunately, if you’re someone that has to work during the day, staying asleep for another hour or two is rarely an option. How are you supposed to get up when you’re so warm and comfy though? With smart blinds, of course.

With these around, you’ll never have to worry about falling back to sleep after your alarm goes off. You just have to tell the blinds to open, and suddenly your bedroom will be filled with light. IKEA is responsible for this amazing gadget, although they haven’t released their product quite just yet. The blinds are expected in the coming months, though, with demand already ridiculously high.

August Smart Lock Pro+

Are you the kind of forgetful person who loses their key or accidentally locks themselves out of the house? If so, you’re probably about ready for a new way to open and lock your front door. That’s where the August Smart Lock Pro+ comes in.

This device automatically unlocks when you arrive home and secures the door behind you when you leave. There’s no more need for keys when this gadget has control over who comes and goes. Of course, if you’re worried about friends and family being denied access, you can just set them up as guests on the app. That way, the people you trust will always be granted permission to your house.

Technology is only going to keep advancing and giving us more amazing gadgets for our homes. We’re excited to see what the future holds.

Best smart home gadgets

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