The best college movies of all time

Life is never better than when you’re at college. That’s certainly what everyone says, at least. You’re free from your parents and able to go wild before the reality of the adult world sinks in. Although everyone’s experiences differ, this perception of college life has definitely been reinforced by a lot of our favorite films. They might not be the most realistic movies out there, but they all prove that college is the place to be!

The best college movies of all time

Legally Blonde

There was nothing particularly revolutionary about Legally Blonde when it came out. However, there was something magical about Reese Witherspoon’s performance that turned the film from your average comedy movie to the highlight of the 2001 summer. The ditzy blonde turned intelligent lawyer isn’t something you see all the time, and the actress pulled the character off with surprising ease. It was hard not to root for her as she broke stereotypes left and right, and watching her succeed was truly the icing on the collegiate cake.

Pitch Perfect

Who doesn’t love a bit of girl power? That’s something that Pitch Perfect has in bundles thanks to its eclectic mix of female characters. Although the film wasn’t poised to be a runaway hit, it amassed huge success when it debuted in 2012. Why? The lovable characters certainly played a big part, as did the rags to riches story that underlined the Barden Bella’s rise to a cappella champions. What’s more, the film painted college life in the best way. Making friends, joining clubs, going wild – isn’t that what it’s all about?

The best college movies of all time

National Lampoon’s Animal House

You can’t beat a classic, and when it comes to college films, that title goes to none other than National Lampoon’s Animal House. Released over 40 years ago, the movie is one of the most profitable ever made having grossed more than $140 million on a $3 million budget. Why was it so successful? It’s probably because the film was as hilarious as it was outrageous and energetic. It’s story, which revolved around a frat fighting back against authority, has inspired countless other movies, all to varying degrees of success. Speaking of which…

Bad Neighbors

When Bad Neighbors was released, it was clear how much of an inspiration Animal House had been during the production. However, rather than taking on the dean, this time it was frat vs. family. After Delta Psi upset their neighbors with their constant partying, both sides rage an all-out war to come out on top. After several extreme pranks and a whole lot of hilarity, the frat eventually finds peace with their neighbors. Aside from being packed full of comedy, Bad Neighbors also showcased the talent of one of its leads, Zac Efron. After finding fame with Disney, the movie gave him the chance to break out of that box with incredible results.

The chances are that if you got up to half of the stuff that happens in these films you’d probably find yourself facing expulsion. However, nothing is stopping you from living out your college fantasies through all these incredible comedies. We can assure you that you won’t regret it.


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