Bathrooms that were designed by people who probably never used one

Unfortunately for us, even if we are the biggest homebodies on the planet, we are eventually forced into the outside world. What’s worse is that no matter where you need to go, the ugly truth is that you may have to go to the bathroom. And these are the most significant offenses against nature that never should have happened.

[post_page_title]Let’s avoid landing our foot in the toilet, shall we? [/post_page_title]

Now we’re unsure why this person thought playing leapfrog over the toilet into the tub was a good idea, but it’s not. You could break a leg or worse. Even if you manage to squeeze around the door, you still have to avoid slamming yourself into the sink. The sink is almost directly over the toilet, so you’ll have to be careful. For this bathroom, the trouble isn’t over there. It could be a trip to the hospital just to take a shower. Make sure you dry your feet off first with this bathroom mishap.

Let’s avoid landing our foot in the toilet, shall we?

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