Awesome gadgets to add to your car

Just about everyone wants a fully equipped car with all the bells and whistles. Nowadays it’s quite easy because you don’t have to purchase a car with all these features, you can simply add them later. There are a number of accessories available to add to your car that make your driving experience much smoother and at the very least much cooler. Here are some of the gadgets to equip your car with.

Dashboard phone mount

A phone mount is one of the most basic accessories to have in your car if you want to stay connected. A dashboard mount is advantageous because it is more secure and it doesn’t leave that dreaded mark on your windshield. It’s the perfect place to hold your phone while you drive so that you can look at maps or even scroll through playlists (preferably while stopped at a light and not while driving).

Awesome gadgets to add to your car

3.0 USB car charger

Ever realized that your phone battery is low just before you’re about to set off on a trip? A car charger has always been useful in this situation but a 3.0 charger is even better. Some brands offer a fast-charging system that can give you up to 80 percent increased battery in just half an hour. If you really want to impress your friends, you can get the multi-dock charger so that everyone can get a piece of the action.

Mirror dash cam

This has to be one of the most impressive gadgets to fit on your car. You fit this device to your rearview mirror and the forward-facing dashcam captures everything in front of you. Some brands come with a driver-facing camera as well to catch the goings-on inside your car. The LCD screen appears on your mirror when activated so you can see exactly what the camera is recording. This is a helpful tool for insurance disputes and a really good security measure.

Mini-fridge electric cooler

If you need to keep things cool on the go then a mini-fridge is the perfect thing to add to your car. It plugs into the power outlet and can keep your beverages cold throughout the trip. Some devices also have a warmer setting to keep your food warm for the journey home.

Tire pressure monitoring system

This accessory comes with 4 monitors that can be attached to each tire and a central hub which shows the driver each tire’s pressure at all times. Some brands have solar-powered hubs which is great for energy saving. Constant monitoring of your tire pressures gives you an excellent advantage for harsh conditions as well as optimizing your vehicle’s performance.

Awesome gadgets to add to your car

Car vacuum cleaner

If you are obsessive about keeping your car clean, then a car hoover is perfect for you. It can also be charged using the power outlet and is easily detachable to use when there is a minor spill or a visible dust patch. These hoovers are specifically designed for automobiles with attachments for those hard-to-reach spaces.

Multi-purpose life-saving tool

It’s not something you plan for, but if you find yourself in a situation that warrants it, you’ll be glad you bought this multi-purpose life-saving tool. Most brands come with window glass punchers, seat belt cutters, and flashlights. These tools are invaluable if you find yourself in an accident.

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