Amusing photos of people who cut straight to the point

Amusing photos of people who cut straight to the point

Often, a diplomatic and sensitive approach seems the most appropriate when dealing with a sensitive topic. However, skipping the formalities and putting it bluntly is often more effective, and more amusing. Here are some of the funniest instances of people cutting straight to the point and not pulling any punches.

[post_page_title]Call the cops[/post_page_title]

Reviews are often a comedy gold mine. Between the overly excited fans and disgruntled haters, there’s an ocean of creative expressions of praise and disdain. Here’s one that makes us laugh with its short, no-nonsense observation of the ‘90s classic, Home Alone.

Call the cops

Ethics aside, there’s plenty to love and question about this iconic movie. But we have a feeling that it wouldn’t be nearly as fun of a story if Kevin had simply called the cops instead of taking matters into his own hands.

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