Actual Avengers we’ll (thankfully) never see in the MCU

Fans can’t deny that the Avengers that have blessed our screens are nothing short of incredible, from the stories of their well-explored origins to their niche role within the group, they’re simply amazing. However, there were some members of the Avengers in the comic books that were one less than thrilling and, occasionally, embarrassing. It’s strange seeing how they measure up with our other heroes, but fans are pretty thankful that they won’t be hitting the big screen any time soon.

Dr. Druid

Dr. Druid featured in the Avengers 278 in 1987 and has since been called out as a cheap imitation of Doctor Strange. At the time, he seemed to be quite a cool character, using dark magic to do his bidding; however, there was something terribly drab about this guy. He joined the Avengers, which just didn’t seem right at the time, but continued all the same before becoming Nebula’s puppet and being mind-controlled. However, these days Dr. Druid would be perceived as somewhat of a misogynist or even just a bit creepy since he became rather suggestive toward The Wasp, who did not appreciate his advances. Not a very good fit.

Dr. Druid


If you like Thor, here’s Thor 2.0, his name is Eric Masterson and is basically remembered as a terrible ’90s version of Thor. Masterson started off as a regular guy who somehow gained the powers of Thor, This was issued in the Avengers 343 in 1992, but as soon as Thor returned, Masterson was giving some kind of mace and went by the name ‘Thunderstrike.’ This character was pretty unnecessary since Thor pretty much ticked all the boxes.


It seems this guy is known for being b-rated at best, being dressed in a terrible costume with mediocre talents and abilities. Sure he can survive underwater; however, he just doesn’t seem to have any depth to him. Many people like to relate somehow or get to know these characters, but there was nothing new with this guy; if he made it to the big screen, then it would have been nothing but a massive yawn-fest.


Moondragon could have actually been quite a good character, except her personality became something of an inequality issue. While we’ve had the likes of Gamora, the Wasp, and Captain Marvel, it seems as if all Moondragon was going to do was set female superheroes back decades. Critics claimed that her costume was ridiculous since she appeared to be happy wearing a rather revealing outfit that didn’t seem to cover some of the crucial parts. Not to mention that she seemed to use her psychic abilities to try and get the other male Avengers to desire her, among other things. Definitely not a character that will be gracing our screens.


Demolition man

It seems everything went wrong for this guy right as he got his big break. Captain America managed to have him voted into the Avengers, but Demolition Man lost his life straight after. In a weird turn of events, he was then resurrected and became somewhat crazed and gruesome. His heart-wrenching backstory is being experimented upon and being given super strength and high-stamina. What a terrible trade-off. This guy wouldn’t even be mediocre at best stood next to the other Avengers.

Thankfully it seems that movie makers have chosen their heroes carefully, making them more popular and better than ever, and these guys weren’t there to ruin it.

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