5 jobs technology will never be able to replace

There used to be a time when the thought of robots and AI technology taking over the world was only reserved for wild movie plots and fictitious books. With the rise of smartphones, self-driving cars, and automated systems, this thought is starting to become a reality. Hundreds of jobs have been replaced by technology and others are on the brink of facing the same fate. While this may be a very scary thought for some, there are a few jobs in the world that will survive a robot invasion.


There is a very strong possibility that robots will not be able to give you a layered cut or that beautiful photo-worthy balayage do. Hairdressing requires a lot of creativity and precise dexterity. While there have been a few attempts at engineering haircutting machines in the past, many have failed to automate the industry. We don’t think machines would be very good at picking colors or updating you with the latest gossip either!


Many people who seek therapy are looking for emotional support and guidance, which can only be provided by human interaction. Robots cannot empathize or offer advice based on past experiences. While technology may be good at sifting through our data and showing us the best results based on our activity, it won’t be able to provide anyone with the emotional tools needed to heal the mind or overcome trauma.


Much like therapists, taking care of children or the elderly requires compassion, patience, and other emotional elements that robots do not have. There is no doubt that technology makes life easier when it comes to inventions like self-rocking cradles or electric wheelchairs, but robots lack the dexterity to perform certain movements. Getting a robot to change diapers may be a wonderful thought, but just imagine the outcome! Another reason why technology won’t be able to replace this industry is that we humans just simply would not feel comfortable with robots caring for our loved ones. If you had the choice between iMom and Mrs. Doubtfire, who would you choose?

5 jobs technology will never be able to replace

Healthcare Workers

There is no doubt that technology has drastically improved health care and will continue to do so for decades to come. However, nurses, surgeons, and other health care professionals will not be replaced by robots anytime soon. Some of the most sophisticated robots are only able to mimic emotional intelligence but still cannot replace the genuine bedside manner we get from human healthcare professionals.

Law Enforcement

Despite what you may have seen in I. Robot, robots and computers will not be able to replace law enforcement officials. Solving crimes and handing down punishments is dependant on various factors such as the severity of the crime and the traits of the individual. A complex algorithm would also not be able to crack an entire case without the help of a human’s emotional intelligence and the ability to profile the suspects. Technology has certainly made it easier to solve crimes when it comes to storing and scanning data, but it won’t be replacing our heroic policemen, detectives, or court officials anytime soon.

5 jobs technology will never be able to replace

If it weren’t for technology, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve many of the things we have today. And while it may be scary to think of how technology may replace many of our jobs, we are still a long way from reaching that point.

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