5 cool side hustle apps that could make you some extra cash

A side hustle that can make a bit of extra cash is always welcome, especially with the daily obligations that demand to be met. Nowadays, getting a part-time gig has become easier because of internet enabled side hustle mobile applications. They can be used by anyone who meets their requirements and is aggressive enough to cash in some extra bucks. Here, we’ll look through five side hustle apps that could have exactly what you’ve been looking for.


This is one app you are probably aware of but never thought it could be relevant to you in terms of making you money. If you own car, you are eligible to sign up to be an Uber driver and get the opportunity to carry people to their destinations when you are free. Besides that, you can also sign up for Uber eats, which deals with food delivery using a bike or scooter. To get started, you will need to sign up, go through a background check and also have the car inspected. If you meet those qualifications, you will be in for up for a $25 per hour income gig.

5 cool side hustle apps that could make you some extra cash


If you are the kind of person that doesn’t mind getting down to work or getting their hands dirty, you could do just fine with this app. This app is used by people looking for labor for a number of tasks such as anything to do home improvement or gardening, heavy lifting. It is also used by people willing to take on some of those assignments and this gives you the opportunity to sign up with the app and get started. You however need to meet some requirements for you to get started which include a background check, being a holder of a valid credit card and bank account, having 21 years and finally having a smartphone.


This is one of the easiest and effortless tasks you could handle using a mobile application. If you have a space you could rent out, whether a whole property, room or a suite then this app is for you. To have your space listed on Airbnb, you need to provide the right amenities and be responsive. You get to come up with your own rates depending of the location and the kind of space or property.


This may come as a shocker but with this app, you can definitely earn from doing grocery shopping for other people. When signing up to be a shopper, you can opt for the in-store shopper option that doesn’t require you to have a car, or the full-service shopper that needs one to have a car. It is all about receiving shopping requests and doing deliveries. This could earn you up to $20 an hour.

5 cool side hustle apps that could make you some extra cash


If you got some love for animals or pets, this app could come hardy for you if you are looking for some extra source of income. Signing up on this app and passing the background check gives you the opportunity to pet-walk or pet-sit other people’s animals while they are away at a fee that could go up to $1000 a month.

With these and many more options, making that side buck has never been easier.

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