Break up notes and texts that are too harsh to handle

Break up notes and texts that are too harsh to handle

Let’s be honest; there’s nothing worse than a breakup. No matter whether you’re the person doing the dumping or the person being dumped, it’s always hard to say goodbye to someone who has made such an impact on your life. Of course, it’s always important to make sure that your breakup is as amicable as possible – which is why you should probably ignore these hilarious breakup notes…

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Being dumped can be a tough blow to take, especially when there is cheating involved. Nobody likes being cheated on, and it can make you feel like absolute trash. You normally go through a few stages of grief during this period. You’re sad, then you’re confused, and then you’re angry.

Just so you know

During the angry stage, things like this can happen. When this husband cheated on their wife, she didn’t want to keep the news to herself. If her pride was going to take a hit, then his needed to be punched in the gut too. This sign does it perfectly.

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