40+ People Caught Twisting the Truth on the Internet

It’s important to remember you can’t always trust everything you see online. That’s because it’s now easier than ever for people to hide behind their screens and create false versions of their lives. These people edit their photos, create fake profiles, and tell lies on a regular basis – and sometimes it can be very hard to separate what’s real from what isn’t. Thankfully, these people were caught red-handed as they twisted the truth on the internet.

[post_page_title]New favorite picture[/post_page_title]

There’s no doubt about the fact that some people feel pretty silly when they post pictures of themselves on the internet. For others, it’s like second nature. They love the attention, and they love the likes that come with it – even if they have to try and pretend as though they’re shy.

New favorite picture

We’re gonna go ahead and assume that this guy is one of them. He tried to fool his followers with this “candid” photo, but those who looked closely at the photo soon realized that it wasn’t candid at all.

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