33+ Snapchats about food that are deliciously funny

Nowhere do peoples’ wit, humor, and clever commentary shine more these days than on Snapchat. And these food related snaps are some of the most deliciously funny examples we’ve seen.

[post_page_title]Zucchini vs. Corgis[/post_page_title]

We’ve got to side with the Corgis here. A zucchini should not be this big, period. Perhaps it has somehow mutated and is actually a monster posing as a zucchini (the Corgis clearly suspect as much). But at the same time, when a veggie can intimidate a couple of dogs this much, it’s also hard to not be impressed. So we get why this woman just had to brag a little and share her harvest find on Snapchat.

Zucchini vs. Corgis

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