The most popular Star Trek character

Star Trek is a massively popular franchise with a huge fan base. There are many beloved characters within the comic, television, and movie depictions of the Star Trek franchise. Everyone has their own fan favorite for whatever reason. There are however certain characters that could
be considered more of a household name than others. Even for those who have chosen not to partake in this Star Trek culture, some characters may easily be recognized by them. There are a good few characters that could take their stand at the top of the podium, but the place on top of this podium undoubtedly belongs to Spock. So what makes Spock so special and popular amongst the general population?

The most popular Star Trek Character

Well for starters, Spock is the only character to have appeared in every single era of Star Trek- making him a crucial part of the Star Trek franchise. Spock was originally and most famously played by Leonard Nemoy in the original Star Trek series, an animated series, 8 feature films, and a 2 part episode. In more recent times the character has gained a larger sense of popularity due to the death of the actor himself. Spock has also been portrayed by other actors thereafter. Namely Zachary Quinto in 3 feature films and by Ethan Peck in the new Star Trek Discovery series which consists of 2 seasons.

Spock has a mixed Human-Vulcan heritage. One of the main plotlines dwells on the struggles of Spock dealing with the conflicting intricacies of his Vulcan and human sides. Vulcans experience emotions to a large extent. However, alongside this is also their ability to use logic and control over their emotions. Spock’s human side, however, makes using logic and controlling his emotions difficult for him. Many fans can relate to Spock and it’s hard to not like something you can make a connection with.

Growing up both Vulcan and human. Spock had to deal with discrimination from the other Vulcans
and had to make a choice about his future way of life. Was he to complete the discipline of Kolinahr and purge all emotion or was he to determine a different fate for himself? Thankfully, Spock had understanding and supportive caregivers; letting him choose his own path giving us the greatness of Spock we all love and know today. Also because of this, one thing Spock has which is something that could resonate with many is that what makes him different is what makes him extraordinary. Another aspect of Spock to be admired is his loyalty and admiration towards Kirk. The bonds of friendship and brotherhood between him and Kirk is admirable in its own right.

The most popular Star Trek Character

Spock also gained popularity in the hit sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory”. The Big Bang Theory is in its own right a major household name. One of the leading characters, Sheldon, most identifies with Spock due to his intellectual and reserved emotional state. In keeping with Star Trek culture and the adoration of Spock, there has been a multitude of fan fiction production. In Canada, it is common practice to transform the7th Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier into Spock on a 5 dollar note.

To end this piece off in the only way that would be considered appropriate according to any fan of Spock, Live long and prosper.