The geekiest and most useful life hacks

Life hacks are tips and tricks that are used to make everyday life a little easier and to save some time. There are thousands of life hacks circulating the internet with more being added every day. While some of them are just downright stupid, many of them are pretty clever and could change the way we do things forever. Here’s our list of the geekiest and most useful life hacks.

Paint can salvation

Ever been painting and the can gets so clogged up with paint that the lid won’t even fit back onto it? Save this headache and use a rubber band stretched over the top and bottom of the can to create a paint scraper for the brush. For bigger cans of paint, use thin duct tape from left to right over the center opening. No more paint on the sides of the can.

The geekiest and most useful life hacks

Color coded keys

Many keys and locks to open? That can get pretty confusing, especially at night. Use different colored nail polish to distinguish between the keys. Be sure to use the same color on the corresponding lock to make identifying it’s partner even easier.

Zipper trouble

We have all had this problem at some point. That favorite pair of jeans with a zipper that just won’t stay up. Don’t chuck them, use this hack. Take a keychain ring or a small rubber band and link it through the hole on the zipper tab. Zip up the jeans and then hook this onto the button before closing the denim onto the button. That zip will stay up all day.

Cool it down

Sports injuries? Homemade ice packs are just the trick. Use three parts water to one part rubbing alcohol in a ziplock bag and place in the freezer. The result is a beautiful bag of slushy coolness that molds to the body’s contours to soothe those aches and pains.

Lego saves the day

Even as adults, we can’t get enough of Lego. And now it can save our cords… from falling off the table, that is. Lego Minifigure hands are the perfect size for charger cables to clip into. Create a unique stand to suit your personality and let the Lego man or woman prevent those cords for plummeting to the floor. So clever!

Nutella is life

There is always room for Nutella and it’s a sad state of affairs when the bottle is finished… but is it really finished? Don’t waste it! Have one last savoring of that scraped out Nutella bottle by adding a scoop or two of ice cream straight to the jar. Grab a spoon and finish off every last speck of choc-nutty goodness.

Cord organizer

Keep old toilet roll inners and use them to organize cords. Roll up the cords, put them into the carton tube and place them in another box for easy storage and access.

The geekiest and most useful life hacks

That crummy cereal

The last pouring of cereal from the box always comes down with an avalanche of crumbs and boom! That bowl is ruined. Avoid this by pouring the cereal into a colander over the sink. All the good stuff stays behind while those pesky crumbs find a new home down the drain.

What great time savers and organizers! These hacks are cheap, super easy, and can be used just about every day.