Top virtual reality gaming accessories

For those who really enjoy gaming, you know what it feels like to completely lose yourself in a game. You could play for hours without realizing it. Now the immersion gets much deeper: you can experience what every gamer has dreamed of – actually being within the game. Virtual reality (VR) is not an entirely new concept to the gaming world but the latest advances are making it so realistic that it’s on a whole new level.

Top virtual reality gaming accessories

Roto VR

This has to be one of the most high-tech VR systems out there. Roto VR is a virtual reality chair with foot pedals and an internal motor. This means it is able to turn 360 degrees and even simulate running and walking without you ever moving from the chair. Roto VR is compatible with most VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. This gives the user head-tracking that moves according to where they look.

Virtuix Omni

If your style is more along the lines of actually moving, then the Virtuix Omni treadmill is for you. This omni-dimensional treadmill lets the user walk or run in any direction and even spin around if they want to. Thankfully, it’s fitted with a safety ring so you don’t go running off in the middle of your game.

KOR-FX Force Feedback Vest

The KOR-FX Force Feedback Vest allows users to interact with the virtual reality world on a tactile level. It’s perfect for first-person shooter games where you can actually feel the force of a grenade go off nearby or the flick of each bullet that hits your character. As a bonus, it can also be connected to audio devices to provide vibration for those deep-bass kind of songs.


This one is a very interesting addition to any VR collection. The FEELREAL is a multi-sensor mask that throws cool or hot air at the user depending on the conditions in the game. With compatible games, it also releases different smells. It can simulate the feeling of running at high speeds or wind blowing in your face.

Leap Motion

The Leap Motion is what science fiction directors only ever dreamed of. But it’s a reality and quite readily available. Essentially, the Leap Motion is a hand and finger movement tracker that allows the user to control their gaming system using hand gestures. These gestures include swiping, grabbing, pinching, and dragging, for all sorts of purposes from moving files to in-game intricate finger movements.

Top virtual reality gaming accessories


If riding a standard exercise bike is too boring for you then VirZoom has the answer. It looks just like an exercise bike but with triggers and programmable buttons on the handlebars. When coupled with a headset it allows you to play some interesting games all while getting some exercise. For example, one game has you controlling a helicopter – steering left and right by leaning and speeding up by pedaling faster.

The Birdly

If you prefer flight simulator type games without having to pedal, then the Birdly is more suited to you. The games simulate what it would be like to fly around like a bird with the rig consisting of wings for the user to flap and a fan to simulate wind blowing in your face. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who have always wondered what it’s like to be a bird, then this is worth a try.