Why you might need a break from social media

Social media has really catalyzed the way we have moved forward as a society. It’s a great platform for sharing news, seeing a diversity of opinions, and getting to connect with new people and old friends. But as with all things, it is best used in moderation. Social media can have a very big impact on your life and there are times when it can be necessary to take a break from it. Here are some of the reasons to take a break from social media.

You can reconnect with the real world

Social media stimulates visual and auditory senses, but humans have so much more than that. Spending physical time with a person or in a natural surrounding is so much more meaningful because it engages all of your senses. The real world offers you a different perception in that you see things for what they actually are and not through the filter of social media.

Why you might need a break from social media

It eats up your time

We often don’t realize how much time is taken by browsing social media. Do a quick experiment and leave social media just for a day. Use the time to partake in hobbies or catch up on some work. See if by the end of the day you feel like you’ve had more time. You’ll be surprised how the odd 5 or 10 minutes here and there can add up.

Social media makes you compare yourself to others

One of the unfortunate features of social media is seeing everyone’s posts of their accomplishments and experiences. It’s great for people to share things like that, but sometimes they’re not a true depiction of reality, and being bombarded with these stories can distort your view of your own accomplishments. If you take some time away from social media you can focus on your accomplishments and how they make you feel.

A break can improve your physical and mental health

For the same reason as you comparing yourself to others, constant social media use can lead to anxiety and depression. This is backed up by several scientific studies. It’s also been shown that excessive social media use can affect your sleep. A break might be just the thing you need to realign and recuperate.

It might steal from the moment

Social media can be a huge distraction. The constant pinging of notifications and urges to reply take your focus off what you are doing. If you are trying to do something enjoyable like attending a concert or hiking through nature, you might miss some valuable moments or beautiful landscapes.

Why you might need a break from social media

Social media has you living in the past

One of the other downfalls of social media is that it ties you strongly to your past. This is not to say that the past should always be forgotten, but there shouldn’t always be constant reminders of some of its more negative features. For example, do you really need to see pictures of your ex pop up with whatever they are doing and reminding you of whatever hurt feelings you may have?

Issues of privacy

Social media also makes your life very public. It’s great to post things for your friends to see, but remember that just about everyone can see it as well. You’d feel a bit strange if someone was watching you throughout your whole life but it’s not that different if you share everything on social media.