Best gadgets to make your everyday life at the office easier

Working an office job is hard enough – the constant stress, the need to always be organized, an uncomfortable chair, and a noisy environment. All this comes together to make everyday life a headache. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. There are ways to make life easier without the headache tablets. All that’s needed is these simple gadgets.


Take any standard laptop and turn it into a touchscreen with this simple device. This small, sleek, and lightweight gadget attaches to the bottom a laptop display using magnets and plugs into the computer using USB. Don’t worry about compatibility either – it is suitable for Windows 10 and MACs. It is perfect for interactivity and makes navigating a laptop much easier. Artists can also use it as it works with paintbrushes, gloved fingers, and the rubber ends of pencils. Even just a finger works perfectly too.

Best gadgets to make your everyday life at the office easier

Anker PowerCore Power Bank

If working from home is a part of your everyday life, then take advantage of the many available plug points in your house. Working in a great smelling coffee shop or even outside is much better than sitting in a cramped office space. You can use the power bank to keep your laptop or phone on. It will also save you from getting the ‘low battery’ notification scare right when you’re getting into the flow of work. If there is no luxury of working from home, this is perfect for charging the cellphone on a lunch break but still having it accessible.

Bluetooth Earbuds

The best way to get into the groove of work is music. A nice way to drown out the ringing phones in other people’s cubicles and the sound of other people’s typing is some great beats. Put on your favorite music (or podcast) and make your day instantly brighter. Get some with no noise-canceling properties, though, because there is nothing worse than constantly having to rip out the earbuds to check if someone is speaking or the phone is ringing. They’re also great for hands-free communication when someone calls, making for super efficient days.

USB Coffee Warmer

When deadlines start rushing in, the phone starts ringing, and urgent emails come through that cup of coffee becomes a second priority. Instead of leaving it to become ice cold and gross, just put it on the coffee warmer and come to it later. It plugs into a USB port and keeps coffee at the perfect temperature. Or, for a little more money, get one that actually charges, allowing for mobility and no more pesky cords.

Best gadgets to make your everyday life at the office easier

Desk Organizer

What makes work harder than it needs to be? Disorganization. A clean desk means more than just looking good to coworkers. It means an aesthetically pleasing work environment and always knowing exactly where everything is. This means getting more work done quicker and being less stressed which is the best combination.

Cell Phone Holder

In today’s day and age, access to your cellphone is super important. Taking your cell phone out of your pocket every 15 minutes is a mission and putting on the desk means interruptions from work every time it vibrates. Instead, get a cellphone holder. It can be put next to the screen of a computer, so no shuffling around to look at messages and quick access every time you need it. It also protects the cell phone from coffee spills and any unfortunate droppings.