Clever comebacks and legendary roasts by Wendy’s Twitter

Clever comebacks and legendary roasts by Wendy’s Twitter

What’s not to love about Wendy’s? It’s delicious, affordable, and has the most hilarious Twitter account in fast food history. No matter what someone tweets Wendy’s way, there will be a savage reply. Check out this list for some of our favorite ones.

Savage level: expert

Many couples argue about where they should go eat, or which restaurant has the best burger, but Wendy’s has zero time for this nonsense. To this fast food joint, it’s a clear no brainer what needs to be done with a partner who contemplates going to McDonald’s rather than Wendy’s.

Perhaps you shouldn’t ask a restaurant chain for relationship advice, but if you do – no one will have a more savage (or honest) response than Wendy’s.

Asking for a friend…

Wendy’s is known for poking some (or a lot) of fun at their competitors. That’s obvious in for example this clever hijacking of a McDonald’s tweet that was announcing some great news.

Sure, the Golden Arches might be promising to serve only Quarter Pounder burgers made of fresh beef, but what about their other burgers? Wendy’s is simply making an inquiry for a friend here, and casually making everyone question the quality of their biggest competitor at the same time…Well played indeed.

Apologize for being wrong

Wendy’s is here to make food, not friends. That’s very clear in this short but to the point response. Either you like their food, or you’re wrong. Simple as that.

The person who tweeted this question definitely got themselves a good laugh when reading Wendy’s response to his (wrong) friends. Some may take offense at these more than savage comebacks, but most find them hilarious. It adds a little spice (and some great advertisement!) to an already popular burger joint.

Wendy’s can’t do everything

For everyone who thinks Wendy’s social media team needs to tone it down and become a little more humble, here’s a great example of them admitting they can’t do everything. Sure they will defend their burgers to the end of time, but they are not sure relationship advice is their thing.

So instead of trying here, they just honestly responded by saying Kai’s relationship might be doomed if he’s asking a fast food Twitter…We kind of agree. Sorry, Kai.

Home is where the Wendy’s is

There are around 6,711 Wendy’s in America, but not everyone is lucky enough to live anywhere near one of them. But if you ask this confident joint, there is a very easy solution for you should you suffer from a lack of Wendy’s in your neighborhood. Simply move!

It might be the push you need to get out of your comfort zone, leave that boring town you’ve lived in your whole life – and explore the world (with Wendy’s right by your side).

Black Friday burn

Whoever’s in charge of the McDonald’s Twitter account this Black Friday made one small mistake, and unfortunately for them – Wendy’s took notice.

There is a long-running rumor McDonald’s ice cream machines are less than reliable. Something Wendy’s is not gonna let their burger competitors forget, ever. So when this opportunity to poke fun at a mistaken tweet came up, the social media team quickly came up with this clever response – which hilariously reminded everyone of McDonald’s supposed shortcomings.

Don’t overstay your welcome

Wendy’s is no joking matter, this young lady learned that the hard way. She figured it would be funny to tell the girls in her dorm the wrong address to a party. But lucky them, they ended up at a Wendy’s instead!

Sure, at first they were pretty angry at their jokester friend Emily, but eventually they realized a burger joint isn’t such a bad place to hang out. So much so, the employees were desperate for them to leave already…

It’s (not) the taking part that counts

Burger King is yet another big competitor to Wendy’s, but according to the latter – there really is no competition. So when BK fans try to come at them, they bite back.

We’ve all heard the saying “it’s not the winning but the taking part that counts” (it’s one of those things people tell you when you lose). Well, clearly Wendy’s scoffs at that saying, and in this swift tweet made it clear what they really think of Burger King.

No cutting corners

Oh snap. Why is Wendy’s beef square, you asked? If you were expecting anything less than a clever reply (which provides no actual explanation), you don’t know Wendy’s at all.

This fast food chain does really pride itself on offering higher quality than people are used to, and often make sure that message is loud and clear online. We’re not here to tell you their food is actually better, that’s up to everyone to decide for themsleves, but their Twitter skills are definitely hard to beat.

They even help you find love

Good pick-up lines, the ones that are cute and sassy but not sleazy, are hard to come by. But as it turns out, Wendy’s might be the perfect place to chat someone up, while you’re both waiting for some burgers.

Smoothly drop a few sugar packets by their feet, smile and say “you dropped your name tag”. We can’t assure you this will work, but since it made us smile – it might have the exact same effect on that cute guy or gal in front of you.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words

This is some expert level tweeting right here. Wendy’s has mastered the “less is more” savagery to a T – but here they prove they also know the true meaning of “a picture is worth more than a thousand words”.

Asking a fast food restaurant for directions to one of their competitors can obviously only end in some sort of frosty response. But leave it to Wendy’s to simply put a stock picture of a trash can.

Thoughts and prayers

Some people always look for trouble on Twitter, and tag Wendy’s just to pick a fight. But they lose, every single time. We can just hear the antagonizing tone in this young lady’s voice, as she brags about eating at Burger King, right in Wendy’s face.

But Wendy’s respond with dignity and maturity (this time). Since they don’t consider Burger King a serious threat, they instead offer their sympathies to a young woman who has just eaten an inferior burger.

You’re not funny

Wendy’s does not take being compared to other fast food joints lightly, especially not McDonald’s. Here they were announcing their new Homestyle Asiago Ranch Chicken Club, but TrendCentral rudely tried to be funny.

Comparing their masterpiece with a simple McChicken was not taken lightly at Wendy’s headquarter. And they responded with some honesty, dripping in their classic sarcasm. TrendCentral might have thought they were being funny, but instead made themselves an enemy in the fast food industry.

Ever heard of refrigerators?

Most realize fast food is not exactly the most fresh, and many chains use frozen meat (and other frozen foods) as ingredients in their beloved dishes. But Wendy’s has always prided themselves on only using fresh beef, in all their burgers.

Some people apparently find that a little hard to believe. A certain Patrick questioned how the chain can actually ensure the meat is fresh, if they never freeze it. Wendy’s explained it all with one simple word; refrigerators. Pretty mind blowing.

We’re not mad, we’re disappointed

We’re not even sure how Wendy’s came upon this tweet, since neither they nor McDonalds were mentioned. But the disappointment in that reply, reminds us of our mother’s voice whenever we messed up as teens. If we were this guy, this comment would make us seriously reflect on our life choices (well, at least our restaurant choices).

To feel like a real winner, he should swing by the closest Wendy’s, show the employees the tweet, and maybe earn himself a free burger as a reward for changing his ways.

Love yourself

Self-love is important in this day and age, and as sassy as Wendy’s are – they never forget that. When this desperate person said they would order everything off of the McDonald’s menu if Wendy’s didn’t reply, they did.

They replied in the only way they know how; short and straight to the point. And what they said does really make a lot of sense. No one should ever eat every item off of any menu in one sitting. It’s just not good for you.

Asking the people in charge

Since Wendy’s has become the Fast Food Queen of Twitter, many are curious to learn more about this restaurant (and especially about the witty folks who are in charge of the social media). So some branch out from picking fights, to ask genuine questions. But you can’t fool Wendy’s. They always have a comeback.

Here they sarcastically said they’ll check with the boss to see if movie reviewing was ok, and quickly came back saying nope. But we know fully well you didn’t ask anyone, Wendy’s.

The face behind the tweets

More than one person has asked the same question over the years, both to themsleves and to the internet: who’s running the savage Wendy’s Twitter page? But a true master never reveals their secrets…

Well, luckily for you, we do. Despite the silly comeback above, we can reveal the person behind turning Wendy’s into the sassiest fast food chain on Twitter, is Amy Brown. She was the social media manager from 2012 to 2018, and set the now famous tone.

Not gonna let this one go

Wendy’s are definitely taking their beef (pun intended) with other burger joints very seriously. Which is why they’re not scared to throw some shade their way, as soon as the subject of “who’s better?” comes up.

People prefer what they prefer, and perhaps Wendy’s should just back off and let people do what they want. But nope, they just can’t help themselves, and insist on pointing out how McDonald’s as well as Burger King use frozen beef. And we have to admit, fresh does sound better…

Get yourself together, young man!

Eventually Wendy’s epically savage replies became so popular, people would beg to get roasted. But be careful what you wish for…Jason here had apparently read so many great Wendy’s tweets, he didn’t realize getting roasted can burn.

So when he finally did get what he asked for, we’re not so sure he was happy. Wendy’s basically called him out for wearing his baseball cap like Bart Simpson, and called him a has-been while doing so.

There’s always tomorrow

Norbit felt the need to randomly inform Wendy’s he was going to one of their competitors (clearly trying to get a mad response out of them). But Wendy’s know when to be sassy, and when to stay classy.

In this case, they went for the polite, friendly tone you might expect from the redhead in pigtails who’s the face of the brand. Everyone can have a bad day and make some bad decisions, but there is always a new chance to make it right tomorrow!

Don’t even try, Carl’s Jr.

This all started with a man named Andrew casually tweeting an innocent question to Wendy’s; how do you compare to Carl’s Jr.? For those less versed in the fast food world, this is yet another chain serving burgers and breakfast for a bargain.

Carl’s Jr. replied first, confidently saying “LOL they don’t”. But they didn’t know Wendy’s was simply biding their time, waiting for the perfect hour to bite back and show who’s really winning the game.

Give us something to work with, then

Wendy’s take threats seriously, that’s made clear here. Of course they don’t want you to go to McDonalds, young man or woman, but help them help you avoid that mistake!

If you provide them with no information that can be helpful as part of a roast, they will have to work with what they have – nothing. And honestly, despite these difficult conditions, we think they did a pretty good job. And hopefully they helped yet another young, lost soul avoid a tragic mistake.

So cold it’s frozen

Burger King thought they were getting some well-needed praise, thanks to a fan saying he wanted to “go on a date with Wendy’s and take them to a real burger joint….Burger King”. The King of course happily replied, applauding the idea. But Wendy’s was not having it.

Cleverly using a Frozen reference, she made it clear she was neither a princess nor interested. Why? Because Wendy’s have never been and never will be about that frozen, inferior beef. Just let it go, BK.

Ok, that’s almost too mean…

This time we kind of think Wendy’s went too far. But The Sabermetric Sceptic must have known the risk he was taking, when tweeting at the most savage fast food twitter account in history. Wendy’s reply here coldly insinuates they did in fact take a listen to this mix-tap, but are not impressed.

Priding themselves on keeping their food fresh and hot apparently also means the employees can’t listen to anything but the latest hits while flipping burgers.

The scam of scams

Usually Wendy’s keep their savage tweets strictly business, in that they mostly discuss their food (and specifically why theirs is better than everyone else’s). But here they made a slight detour to the topic of scams.

Stevie didn’t even mention Wendy’s in his tweet, but it must have been a slow day at the social media headquarter – and someone took notice of this great opportunity to throw some classic Wendy’s shade. They don’t name names, but we all know who they’re talking about…

Let me upgrade you

This could probably have some fast food conspiracy theorists start scratching their heads. Because how would a Wendy’s barbecue dipping sauce end up in a Burger King? But Wendy’s of course stayed cool and saw the whole thing from the bright side.

A little of their sauce would of course improve that sad Burger King, so they’re probably just trying to upgrade. Burger Kings apparently declined to reply in this thread, perhaps because they couldn’t think of a comeback good enough.

The only subway worth visiting

Knowing how to twist words around to their advantage is something Wendy’s social media team has mastered, and no time does that become more obvious than when people bring up other restaurants. Any restaurants.

Wendy’s are extra sensitive to other burger joints, but are not scared to throw some shade also on other types of fast food. In this one reply to a Subway fan, it’s been made very clear what Wendy’s thinks of both the restaurant and underground transportation.

Antagonizing their competitors

After months of social media teasing, in February of 2020 Wendy’s finally announced the date they will start serving breakfast at all their branches. And they of course did so in typical Wendy’s fashion.

Seemingly out of nowhere they asked the Golden Arches to roast them, but the latter didn’t reply. Wendy’s then posted a mouthwatering gif of one of their breakfast options – shading the McDonald’s breakfast menu and saying there will soon be a better reason to wake up…

Why, seriously?

Kimiko made the mistake of only tagging Wendy’s, and not her favorite Burger King. So really Kimiko, what were you expecting? This reply probably left her wondering (or at least shocked, by the looks of her emoji).

After all, she’s proclaiming her loyalty to good old Burger King, but who’s the one caring enough about her to reply? At the very least Wendy’s earned her giving them one more chance before making her final decision on who she thinks is better.

Directions is all they’re good for

Another epic Wendy’s response to some troll asking them what she should order at McDonald’s, is this one. Definitely a clever way to amuse this McDonald’s fan, and perhaps even get her to switch sides.

Instead of trying to convince her the Wendy’s menu is superior, Wendy’s is playing a little a hard to get here. Casually saying she should ask for directions to the closest Wendy’s proves they don’t need to convince anyone to come – the food will speak for itself.

The real price of cheating on Wendy’s

Oh, snap. We don’t think Devon expected a real answer with the actual price of a Big Mac, but he probably also wasn’t expecting this. Of course Wendy’s is too clever of a restaurant to ever disappoint in comebacks.

Even we felt embarrassed reading this tweet, and Devon too most likely questioned if the price is really worth it. Perhaps even enough to head to a Wendy’s instead, maybe to try a Big Bacon Classic Triple.

We are the meme

These days, anything that goes viral online has the potential to become a meme. And of course, Wendy’s is very well aware of that. So this is really the only answer they could ever have given to the question “got any memes?”

And actually, that reply was not a lie. All it takes is a quick search online to discover this chain’s clever work on social media has earned them enough popularity to be used in quite the few memes.

Not scared of pancake amateurs

When legendary IHOP tried to branch out to serving burgers (and even temporarily changed their name to IHOb), people were skeptical to say the least. Some even worried it would bring even more competition to the burger industry. Not Wendy’s, though.

When Tony asked if Wendy’s was really gonna let IHOb sell burgers on their block, Wendy’s made a pretty good point. From pancakes to burgers? Seems unlikely to succeed. And as of today, we’ve never met anyone who goes to IHOP for burgers.

All the single ladies

Who needs guys when you can just enjoy life with your friends, eating delicious cheap burgers and fries? That’s clearly the message this Wendy’s fan wants to put out there. And Wendy’s was happy to cheer her on!

The 4 for 4$ is a deal Wendy’s has had for quite some time, where they offer a huge variety of entrees which can be combined in groups of four. So it’s actually not only fries, but a plethora of foods to comfort any single, broken heart.

Run, don’t walk

A fast food restaurant might not be the place you thought you’d get security instructions, but here we are. Riskee was yet another Twitter troll trying to be funny and egg on the ongoing feud between Wendy’s and McDonald’s, but it backfired.

Instead of giving in to his teasing, Wendy’s replied sounding very serious – as if this man was indeed in some kind of danger as long as he stayed inside the Golden Arches. Well played yet again, Wendy’s.

You won

Ethan thought he was being so clever, perhaps thinking if he taunts this iconic Twitter account, it will fall right into his mouse trap. But he was severely underestimating Wendy’s here.

Part of Wendy’s iconic social media voice is not always being nice, even to their fans. Instead they combine the perfect amount of sass, honesty, and pop culture references to make everyone laugh – but not seldom on the trolls’ expense. Which is more or less what happened here.

No you’re not

We are what we eat, is a common saying. But Wendy’s is here to point out the flaws in that reasoning, especially to this guy who stated he is Taco Bell.

If you’re looking to be roasted by Wendy’s, be sure to check for typos before pressing enter. Or you’re basically asking to be made fun of – and not in the way you intended. This guy quickly replied to say he forgot the “at”, but it was too late. Wendy’s had already moved on to bigger and better roasts.

Get out while you can

The trend of tweeting Wendy’s to ask what to eat at other famous fast food joints has been going on for so long, you’d think Wendy’s would simply start ignoring them. But instead, they just keep coming up with more clever replies.

We’re not sure if this was the first time In-N-Out was used in one of these troll tweets, but the short, sharp reply from Wendy’s pretty much sums up exactly what they think of this place.

It’s in the negatives

Wendy’s like to (jokingly) bash other chains and especially McDonald’s and Burger King, so this reply is hardly surprising, and probably more or less what Raymond was expecting.

Some may say Wendy’s take it all a little too far, but they are in fact the underdog here. They have thousands less restaurants than the other two, and are still managing to thrive in the fast food market. Serving sassy tweets along their square burgers, just make us root for them even more.

Speaking the truth

Hooters is a controversial restaurant, to say the least, and many people find their concept to be both offensive and outdated. So in other words, it’s a prime restaurant chain for Wendy’s to roast.

As part of their NationalRoastDay hashtag on Twitter, Hooters was silly enough to actually reach out to Wendy’s and ask to be roasted. That was probably because they didn’t expect it to burn quite as much as this swift response did.

Even Wendy’s have a limit

Ok, Wendy’s might be savage – but they still have a moral compass that guides them. Dogs and cats are the two most sacred animals on the internet, and no one with a good heart would ever say something bad about our four-legged friends.

So when this woman asked Wendy’s to roast her little Boston Terrier Odie Wendy’s naturally responded with outrage. Using all caps the chain made it very clear they will never roast any sweet puppers out there, period.

A valid question

You know those hypothetical, sort of philosophical questions people love asking? Well, it’s apparently impossible to sideline Wendy’s with them. They will always rationally look at the question and think of the best comeback.

This dude thought he was being clever by throwing in that “what if you were on a deserted island” scenario when trying to force Wendy’s to choose between Burger King and McDonald’s. Naturally Wendy’s asked the question how those two restaurants would even get to said island…

Turning lemons into lemonade

People try their very hardest to insult and roast Wendy’s, and never seem to learn it backfires every single time. No matter how negative or mean you try to be, this Twitter account will twist your words right around and beat you with them.

Twitter account On Air Austin tried to get a hashtag going called “ruin a 90’s song” and naively involved Wendy’s. But of course, having breakfast at Wendy’s is the best thing in the world (according to Wendy’s, at least), so they just pointed out he failed.

Saying it like it is

If it’s one thing the legendary Wendy’s Twitter account has showed crazy talent for, it’s knowing what’s up when it comes to pop culture references and new slang. Not too long ago, this response would have made zero sense.

But since beef these days doesn’t mean just meat, but also on-going arguments (often online), when someone asked Wendy’s “where’s the beef?”, their reply perfectly summed up all the kinds of beef you can find at Wendy’s.